Disclaimer: I do not watch American Idol live. I watch it after the show is done recording. Last night I decided to start trying to watch it at like 8:30, because my roommate wanted to watch Lost at 10. Long story short, the recording got all messed up and I only ended up seeing 6 of the girls. But… half is better than none, right? I'm not sure if anybody actually cares about this anyway.

2. Amy Krebs, 22, Washington – "I Can't Make You Love Me"
Me: My God, she has a giant mouth. And she does not know how to pronounce vowels. This is boring. Her face offends me.
Randy: That was kind of like a medium, middle-of-the-road kind of performance. It was kind of a boring song for you. It was little, very, very too safe for me.
Paula: I am gonna have to agree with Randy.
Simon: I said in that clip, "I'm not gonna remember you." I still can't remember you. When you sing, you have the personality of a candle. There's nothing to remember.

3. Leslie Hunt, 24, Illinois – "Natural Woman"
Me: All these girls have such huge, stupid mouths. This sound like karaoke. The background singers overpower her. Is she really one of the top 12 girls they could find? In the entire country? God.
Randy: Uh, I was hoping for definite greatness, but that song, actually, I felt, was too big for you. You can't take Aretha, Stevie, Mariah, Christina, and just let it lie there.
Paula: I think you did a great job, Leslie. However, watch the songs you pick.
Simon: It wasn't great. You look embarrassed and ungainly when you perform, as if you don't really wanna be there.

4. Sabrina Sloan, 27, California – "I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You)"
Me: I hate her hair so so much. If I had that hair, I would get a weave. Wow, I like her singing though. She's good. Despite her hair.
Randy: America, we finally got ourselves Season 6, a competition! That's the way to put it down, that's the way to sing! Yo! That's the one to beat right there. That was hot! That was fire right there.
Paula: Standing ovation. Awesome. Way to go! Mwah!
Simon: That performance, probably, out of everything I've seen so far, is the best so far.

5. Antonella Barba, 20, New Jersey – "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"
Me: She's pretty, but everything about this is painful. She is not a good singer. Her diction is so stupid and weird. That was a dumb arrangement to compensate for the fact that she has no range.
Randy: I gotta keep it real. It wasn't good. It was really pitchy, it was really bland. It really wasn't good, it wasn't great.
Paula: It may not have been great, but it wasn't bad. You had some pitch problems. First of all, you look… you're an amazingly beautiful girl.
Simon: Well, the good news is, you're attractive. The bad news is, it didn't work. It was way, way, WAY too big for you, that song. And I think this has seriously damaged your chances of staying here another week. Sorry.

6. Jordin Sparks, 17, Arizona – "Give Me One Reason"
Me: I love her. She's smart and she knows how to use her voice. And she doesn't have a giant stupid weird face. She's awesome.
Randy: Don't be afraid, you can do it. I don't know if there's anything too big for you, so go there.
Paula: You do have that natural talent. Go for it, go for it, go for it!
Simon: I think: push yourself. You may surprise a few people in this competition. That was good.

7. Nicole Tranquillo, 20, Pennsylvania – some Chaka Khan song
Me: She looks like Sheryl Crow. Horse face. This song seems too low. She's a good singer, I guess. This song is dumb though. She makes dumb faces when she sings. She's a pretty good performer though.
Randy: I don't know, dog, it wasn't really workin' for me. That was rough for me.
DVR: HAHAHA Now the recording doesn't work anymore.

Tomorrow we find out who goes home. Tonight, I guess. Whatever. It's also the OC SERIES FINALE, though, so I may have some trouble typing the update through my tears.