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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

Last year, my dad and his brothers bought a computer for my grandma. Thinking she was rather tech savvy, she showed me that she could add my email address to her contacts. When she was done adding my info, she closed out of the browser and signed back in. When I asked her what she was doing, she just said, "Oh, that's how you have to do it." I pointed to the back button. Her mind was blown.
Matt R from Western Michigan University

Beeping noises utterly confuse my mother. If she gets a text message and her phone beeps she'll check the oven to find out who made supper. So one day I was microwaving something and just as the final beeps sounded an application closed on her computer. She began frantically yelling across the house,"What did you do?!!" There was no explaining it to her so I just reopened her email to calm her down.
Tia Ostberg from University of Calgary

Things are a little tight this month, so my Mom told me she was planning to extract "ten hours of sweat and effort" out of me for my allowance. I have just completed my first task and she was well pleased and told me I had "definitely earned my keep this month." The heroic effort I made? I showed her how to use the new list feature of her Facebook page.
J Sloan

Years ago, my mother lost access to her hotmail account because she would forget her password, would get the IT people at Best Buy to reset it, and then change it to be something "she would remember," and then would promptly forget it again (in the few occasions she thought to write down the password, she would lose the paper and/or have it reset again). After a years of not checking it, it was removed/deleted. I asked her if she would like me to set up a Gmail account for her, and she thought that was a great idea. Now every time she wants to check it, she goes to the library and has the help desk get her to "THE Google" (emphasis hers, not mine) to check it.
Sarah P

Whenever I watch TV with my mom, she freaks out at me whenever there's any kind of ad – whether it's a TV preview or an Arby's commercial. She thinks I changed the channel and says she's sick of me doing that whenever she starts getting into a show.
Lauren M

I had used my dad's computer for web browsing and kept the tabs open. I caught him pressing Back repeatedly on the websites I'd been on. I asked him what he was doing and he told me he wanted to quit out of the internet. He couldn't grasp that you could just quit out of tabs or the whole browser or type in a new website name.

Also, my dad types about 5 wpm and each time he hits a key, he hits it incredibly hard and pulls his finger away immediately as if the keyboard will bite him. He also does this with cell phones. Sometimes a device will require him to hold down a key for a few seconds. He literally cannot grasp this concept and he'll begin mumbling angrily about technology not working.
Katherine Waters

Whenever I take photos at a family gathering or any event involving my mother, she aways asks me to "copy and paste" the pics onto her facebook.
Sofie B

I had a professor who would only use the search box in the school's homepage to go to any website. She would type in "" into the box and then click the link on the results page.

A student told her to search google for something. She opened up the school's homepage and then typed "" into the google-powered search box.
Austin Erickson

My mum got a new phone she's had for about a month, and I was explaining to her that she should put the brightness setting on auto instead of full because it eats a lot of battery. She then told me she didn't like it because when she takes pictures they turn out too dark. I didn't bother trying to explain.
Izzy A

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