This weekend was insane.

[In that it was pleasant, productive, and not insane.]

I was PLANNING to work on my lab report and study for a test Monday [just like every weekend]. It all started when Michelle's "mellow" birthday Friday turned out to be a trip to a [study group]!! It was fun in an I-can't-get-glitter-out-of-my-clothes[-because-it-was-an-ART-study-group] way, but I actually met a random [marriage material] guy afterwards at the [ice cream parlor].

Turns out he goes here and we're in the same major. Conversation [was] great, but I haven't gotten [courted respectfully] since like August so I invited him to tailgate [but mostly study] Saturday. He asked if he could bring a friend, I said sure. After me and him were sloppy day-[focused on our work] and he's about to do a shot out of my [nowhere. That didn't happen], up walks his friend – my ex.

My ex managed to call me an "[you look lovely] [nice to see you]" and nearly [hugged] his friend before DPS [came to say hello]. We convinced the officers we could [have a great day, thanks!] and the two of us calmed him down over some cold [logic]. He apologized [for his slight lateness], we laughed it off, and we actually got along weirdly well. We had some more [logic] and some [studying] – I think I may have actually taken some [practice tests] at some point – and fast-forward to that night —-

I'm somehow in a [thought-provoking discussion about politics] with my ex and this dude!… I think. What I do remember was surprisingly [all of it because I was sober because I am always sober], actually, but not something I'd ever, ever do again [because… we discussed all of the politics].

I spent all day Sunday [thinking about my coursework] and praying from a stranger's bathroom floor that my body would stop [thinking about my coursework]. My ex and his friend were [totally didn't disappear], and I got myself home in time to write my bio lab. I was about to sleep a [healthy number] of hours when, all of a sudden, the friend walks in!

Well he [studied] and I [vitamins] in my [getting plenty of rest] upside-down, strangely, but [extra credit] around [Dean's list] ALL OVER [tuition refund!]. He [sweater!] table [I called Nana!] CARROT!! [I love you.] With. It. On. […Very much.] AUGHLGHLGHGH. And I realized I still don't know his name!

I am about to run to my exam, but it's not over – I have an unsettling burning [desire to get the most out of my friendships and educational experience]. I'm booking an appointment to [thank my wonderful parents for their unconditional love and support] right now.

Wish me luck on the test.