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My mother doesn't speak english, but she runs an internet business so she always asks me to translate for her. I showed her how to use Google Translate and even put it into her favorites tab. She now asks me how to open her favorite tab.
jeff kang

My mum got a new phone and just about managed to master the basic functions, but one day, after a weekend away, she comes to me in a panic saying that her phone has died. She said "The square comes on when I charge it, but it won't switch on!" After going through the manual in detail with her, I discover that she's been trying to turn it on using the call button "because it's green and that means 'on'…"
Leni H

Today I was helping my mom reset her password… after she was done she wanted to check her facebook. She closed the window and reopened it so it showed google again instead of her email. I told her she didn't have to do that every time, she could just type it in in the url bar or search bar. She then looked at me and said in annoyed voice, "Yes I do Honey or else it isn't google anymore… I only use google or there will be viruses."
Gigi Edwards

My dad is still convinced that Dance-Dance Revolution is miniature twister.
George Walburn from Westburry

I was talking with my mom, trying to convince her to switch internet browsers. She keeps refusing to switch from internet explorer. When I asked her why, she told me she didn't want to learn how to use a new internet again.
Max Udell

So my mum has an iPhone 4 but can't use it for much more than texts and email. The other day her friend texted her a link asking her to help her choose some "towel rails."My mum took this really seriously that her friend wanted design advice, and asked me to help her look at it on the computer… even though she could have clicked the link in the text, I had to explain to her how to copy and paste it on the phone into her email, send it to herself, then open her email on the computer. She put her glasses on ready to look at it and everything…At this picture that turned out to be two guys balancing towels on their privates!
Bunny McBun from KCL

My grandfather, who has a masters degree in civil engineering and has worked his entire life with electronic equipment came to our house once to check up on me and my sisters (my mother was out of town). He wanted to watch TV, but he couldn't figure out how to turn on the screen.

When I tried to shout him instructions from upstairs (I was busy with schoolwork), he refused to listen and insisted that it was way to hard and I had to come downstairs and show him.

The "ON" button is literally the only one on the TV-screen, it is huge, located on the face of the screen and illuminated. I pressed the button and returned to my schoolwork.

This has happened 3 times since.
Sofie Anonymous

My mom got a smartphone about 4 months ago. Yesterday, we were eating with my grandparents and they asked her about her new phone. She proceeded to show them the contacts list, and how she has pictures of all of her contacts. She can also "click on the pictures to call people!" This was the only feature she showed them, and from further questioning, the only feature she knows about and/or uses.
Bryce K from NDSU

One day, my parents were trying to log into Netflix, but the website was having temporary server problems. My parents decided to google it, and they wound up on an web forum. Although most of the posts pretty much agreed that Netflix was having some technical difficulties and would be back up soon, my parents managed to zero in on the one all-caps post screaming about "HACKERS!!!!!!!" They flipped out and frantically began asking if they should change all of their passwords. Even after Netflix had apologized for the incident and was back up, they still wouldn't believe that it was minor technical difficulties. According to them, "Netflix doesn't have server problems!" I'm not even sure they know what a server is…
A. Nonymous

I got home from school one day to find my mom on my desktop. She couldn't get her banking working on her laptop, so she decided to try it on mine.

She thought her banking was too slow, so she went into add/remove programs and deleted EVERYTHING. My games, Microsoft Office, all my software and somehow, everyone i asked has no idea how she did it, but she deleted the plugin the makes sound get transmitted to my speakers. No I have an empty computer with no sound, and she got the banking working on her computer.
Finley Wegener

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