As everyone is fully aware, former President and Chief Justice William Taft's ghost has haunted the White House inhabitants since his death in 1930. Here are some of his most famous quotes:

To Herbert Hoover

- "The market crash wasn't really a huge deal. It's a boom-bust economy Herb, everything will work itself out. Don't you dare intervene."


- "Herb really screwed this one up didn't he? I tried to tell him."

- "You really want to save the economy? You should definitely cut off trade with Japan, that will force 'em to attack us. And they will definitely attack the Philippians, I have no doubt about that."

To Truman

- "Come on Truman, don't be a pansy. How bad could this bomb possibly be?"

To Eisenhower

- "If you don't do anything to stop segregation but don't condone it either, you can be a racist but not ever look like one to the public. It worked perfectly for me."


- "Where the hell were these Marilyn Monroe girls when I was around?!"

To Nixon

- "I would definitely record every conversation now that we have that technology. There is no way you it could ever be used against you."

To Ford

- "You have to pardon Nixon. If you think my ghost is annoying, just think about what that guy will do to you when he dies."

To Carter

- "I'm not even joking, the best way to handle this re-election is to act like you have no idea what you are doing. The public loves a good idiot, look at The Three Stooges."

To Reagan

- "I'm going to tell you the same thing about black people that I told Eisenhower."

To Bush

- "No one will even notice that you raised taxes. Who even pays attention to politics in non-election years anyway?"

To Clinton

- "Seriously! Where the hell were all these woman when I was President?!"

To W

- "This is your chance to get rid of New Orleans!"

- "George calm down. It's capitalism, it's boom-bust, don't worry about it. Plus, how large a part can real estate possibly play?"

To Obama

- "Oh this is a funny joke. Bring the servant in here and trick me. Good one. But in all seriousness, where is this Obama guy?"

- "We Old School Republicans had our own Fox News in my time, it was called The New York Times. Are they still around?"