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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

We recently got a new house phone. My dad knows how to answer it, but if whoever is calling doesn't respond right away he starts yelling "Hello? Hello? Hello?" while pulling the phone away from his ear and looking at it so he wouldn't even be able to hear if the other person was talking. He insists that he isn't answering it correctly, keeps asking me how to answer it, and when I tell him what button to press he says that doesn't work and gets mad at me for not helping him.
Amanda P

My dad thinks that the nickname of one of my friends is his real middle name. Wny? Because thats the way is written on his facebook profile
A. Nonymous

My mom threatened to take away my laptop because I wouldn't accept her follower request on twitter.
M Johnson

My grandma has no idea how to go to anyone's actual facebook page – so she just waits for something they post to show up on her news feed and then posts in the comment section. For example, my husband posted some random comment about not knowing how big our new driveway was til he had to shovel the snow off of it and my grandma commented "got back from ________ today. drive was good and we stopped at a new restaurant really good food. talk to you guys soon love grandma"
Jocelyn E

I was looking at my friend's Facebook picture of her and her boyfriend before a dance. Her boyfriend's mom commented on the picture (which, again, was my friend's), saying "My handsome son and his beautiful and amazing date, [my friend's name spelled wrong]!" She then liked her own comment.
Erin C

My dad was attempting to show my grandpa and uncle a picture online. For some reason he was unable to view it and asked me, "How do I open this .jpg? Do I copy and paste it into the internet?"
Melissa L

Today I was on my laptop when the housephone rang and I heard my dad answer in the other room, but oddly the phone carried on ringing after he answered it, and he kept on saying "hello?". I put it down to him pressing the wrong button on the phone. Then it happened again. Slightly strange, but what the hell. The third time I was annoyed so went to see what the problem was. When I went into the front room, where my Dad was, I saw he was holding his mobile phone. "Did you try to answer the house phone with your mobile Dad?" I asked. "They must have both been ringing," he said…
Chris Jones

My academic coach, who's in her sixties, was amazed when I showed her that you could search anything on Google and the results would just "magically pop up". She asked me if I had a certain program on my computer, and when I said no, she made me Google whether or not I had the program just to make sure.
Anna B

My family is equal parts religious and computer illiterate. Today my dad sent an email to everyone in our family. Not just nuclear, not even just extended. He cc'ed my dead grandmother. Not only did he do this, but he was sure to include a post-script telling everyone how happy he was they'd finally invented "cloud computing."
Dean Moriarty

My brother got a new job at a company that does 3D printing for manufacturing prototypes. My mother commented about how hard it must be on his eyes to "wear those little red and blue glasses all day." She wasn't joking.
Ben Hayes from Oakland

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