Who Brought It: Sister Who's in Her Freshman Year of College

Why They Brought It: Just trying to do their part.

What Else They Brought: Hemp bracelets for everyone.

Secret Ingredient: Good vibes.

Who Brought It: Jolly Great Gi-Aunt

Why They Brought It: It's not thanksgiving without sweet potatoes...and MARSHMALLOWS.

What Else They Brought: More marshmallows.

Secret Ingredient: So many marshmallows.

Who Brought It: Fun Uncle (Hereafter: "Funkle")

Why They Brought It: Who cares, your grandpa just started talking about politics. DRINK UP.

What Else They Brought: Three Heineken mini-kegs, a 30 rack of Landsharks and a palpable fear of being alone.

Secret Ingredient: Denial.

Who Brought It: Host of the Affair

Why They Brought It: Their house, their rules. Plus, it's extremely difficult to travel with a turkey.

What Else They Brought: Extra chairs up from the basement and lots of secret wine.

Secret Ingredient: Thyme and guilt.

Who Brought It: Recently-Widowed Elderly Neighbor You Invited to be Nice

Why They Brought It: It was Frank's favorite dish. You know, before he passed.

What Else They Brought: Oxygen tank, the goopiest lipstick imaginable.

Secret Ingredient: Death.