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A dad told my supervisor that he didn't want his kids in my ski lesson again because I did such a horrible job the day before. I had never seen those kids in my life and had the day off the day before.
Sheridan DeGraffenreid

I use to work at a local Jamba Juice and one day while working the register a guy orders a large smoothie then moves to one of the lobby tables and takes a seat to wait. The next guy in line orders a pretzel and also goes to the lobby to wait taking a seat across from the first guy. No biggy. Less than ten minutes later the guy that ordered the pretzel comes back in shirtless, holding a large smoothie, and asking the name of the guy that ordered before him. I more confused as to why this guy wasn't wearing a shirt tell him the customer's name and ask why only to have him tell me that the other customer had stabbed him outside in the parking lot. It was only then that I realized his arm was bleeding all over our mustard packets. In the end, I figure this guy was the real winner since somehow in the altercation he ended up with the other guys smoothie.

I used to have to get the carts out of the parking lot of the grocery store where i worked. One day i pushed half the carts in and had half to go, not realizing i had blocked in an older genleman's car. The man calmly moved the carts and i apologized with no issue. Witnessing this, a wild-eyed woman got out of her still running car and demanded my name. After holding up my name tag to demonstrate her stupidity, i told her. She went and complained to the store manager, leaving her car blocking about ten people in line, that i was holding up traffic. My manager agreed to have a talk with me, but when he did, he laughed the entire time.
Justin Smith

I work at a Dollar Tree, and one of the primary responsibilities of an associate besides running cashier is opening boxes and stocking items in the front of the store. We are then required to break the boxes down. Thing is, associates aren't allowed to use box cutters with blades. I'm forced to break down dozens of boxes each day with a blunt handle of a box cutter.
Brentt S

I just got hired at a hotel a couple of weeks ago and started to work night audit. One night the keyboard stopped working and I had to swap it out. When I told my Assistant General Manager about it she had me show her why it was not working. We tried a different keyboard and it still didn't work. She asked me if it was because the new keyboard is white and the computer and monitor is black. I literally had to walk away so she wouldn't see me laughing.
Justin V

Part of my job is to give directions to callers and generally it's a pretty mundane process. Recently, a woman called me asking to get to a festival we were having—simple enough. When I started giving her the directions, she said, "Oh, I can't take down the directions right now. I'm pooping. Can you hold on for a couple minutes? I was so shocked that I actually waited until she was done and could go get a pen an paper.
Ann Onymous

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