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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

I love my dad. You sense the but there don't you? Ok, so 2 stories. When I was first teaching my dad how to use a desktop PC, he would sit in front of the computer and command me to get him where he wanted to go on the internet by doing all the work for him. Not what I intended when teaching someone how to use a computer. When I finally got him to use the mouse, instead of resting his hand on the mouse and gliding it around, he would form a cage around the mouse with his fingers and glide the finger cage around to get the mouse where he wanted it to go. Then he would remove the finger cage and ever so carefully click it with his index finger because if he wasn't careful the mouse would move and he'd lose his spot. Then he'd order me to print out whatever he was looking up. Second story – to this day, when my dad answers a call, he answers it in speakerphone and then places it up against his ear. I can hear everything he and the callers say. Great stuff!
Del G

Recently, my dad suddenly turned to me during what had otherwise been a completely silent dinner and asked: "Are hashtags the same as Googles?"
Rob F

Like everyone else, I'm currently playing Skyrim. My mother, being completely oblivious to gaming, saw me playing and asked with a straight face if that was the Angry Birds game everyone is talking about.
C J from The Ohio State University

My mom wanted to donate an old, fake Christmas tree we had and she told me to drive over to Goodwill to see if they would take it. To save time, I called instead and found out that they did. When I told her she said, "Wow I didn't know they even had a phone!"
Tyler C from FSU

It took me three years to teach my mom how to copy and paste. Not to mention the fact that the only time she can manage to highlight on my laptop is when she doesn't mean to, normally while she is trying to type…

My mother gave me her blackberry and said, "This reporter changed his profile pic in twitter, can you please follow him again?"
Antonio Pons from University of Michigan

My mother sends me text messages all the time. Shes started to end the sentence with question marks. For example: I write "How are you?" she would reply, "I am good?" I finally asked her, why on earth she ended the sentence with a "?" Then she replied, "It's a smiley." I told her that it wasn't a smiley, and it never can be a smiley. She refuses to listen and still sends me "?"
Ola S. Andersen

For the past few weeks, I've been trying to convince my parents to get me a headset so i can talk to people online when im playing Call of Duty. But for some reason they are totally convinced that by hearing my voice, people can hack into the headset and from there go into the gaming console and from there access our wifi and hack my dad's work files. So instead they settled for getting me a webcam for skype.
Anonymous P.

So I had been tasked to build a new computer for my uncle. When asking what specs he wanted for the new build, I was informed that this computer must have files and documents.
Julian Ryan

My Aunt just saw a commercial for the new Mario Kart and said; "What is that, the new Lego's or something?" My Dad started laughing and just when I thought he would correct my Aunt and redeem his entire generation, he said, "Hahaha, no Lorraine that's Grand Theft Auto…"
Devin C.

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