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I climb telephone poles for a local cable company. One day after it had been raining I walked through a side yard full of what looked like dirt and climbed up the pole. It wasn't until I was about done up there that I realized I had tracked dog poop all the way up and there were clumps of it on the pegs that are used to get up and down. Needless to say, by the time I got to the ground I was covered in pet mess.
Red R

We do takeout orders at the restaurant I work at and the other night, a lady came in and picked up a meal around 11pm. The next day she called in to complain that her food didn't taste good. The catch? She was "too drunk" to eat it when she picked it up and tried to eat it 4 hours later at 3am after leaving it sit out the entire time. My manager ended up giving her a refund just so she would stop calling the restaurant to complain about it.
Caitlin Brian

I work at a computer store, and one day an older gentleman calls asking if we carried the ink for his printer. When I asked what kind of printer he has, so we can find what kind of ink he needs, the gentleman simply replied "A Mac."

I work in a fast food restaurant in a mall food court and I had a lady come up the other day wanting to use a coupon with her meal. I said that would be fine. Except the coupon she handed me was for cookies—we don't sell cookies. She had a coupon for the cookie place that was in the same food court. She proceeded the argue with me about the validity of the coupon at my store. Apparently she thought the mall owned all the stores and you could just use the coupons for any store at any store like you could a mall gift card. Once I explained the situation she asked if she could just take the value of the coupon off of her meal. After I explained again why I couldn't do anything with that coupon she got mad and asked for my manager because she didn't believe me, and thought I just didn't want to do my job.

I work for a school and give directions to students over the phone. While resetting the password to the school's website for a student, I told her that her new password is "Password1". But explained it as, "your new password is 'the word password, with the number 1 at the end'." So after a minute or two of her not being able to log in, I realized she thought her password was "The word password with the number 1 at the end." I had to mute my phone so she wouldnt hear me laughing.
ben jammin

In high school I had a summer job at my high school as a "summer helper." In other words, I was pretty much the bitch of the maintenance crew. However, the older guys I worked with had good senses of humor and liked to have some fun. So, as I got done taping a room one of my co-workers was about to paint, I thought it would be funny to leave him a little gift on the chalkboard. By little gift, I mean a giant blue penis made of painter's tape. And not just any ol' big blue penis, this was a detailed, veiny, hairy, blue penis. When I asked him about it at lunch, he had no clue what I was talking about. He did, however, say that he saw the president of my CATHOLIC school (a nun) walk out of the room with a hand-full of tape with a nasty look on here face. I started to panic, and informed my coworker what I had done—he started laughing hysterically. My boss's phone then rang, and after the phone call he asked which one of us was responsible for the penis. I came clean with it, and he said, "You have a meeting with Sister at the end of the day." I instantly felt sick to my stomach I was so nervous. For the rest of the day I worked alone with my head down, literally feeling sick, as everyone would pass by and make fun of me/ tell me how fucked I was. At the end of the day, when it was just about time to leave, my coworker came up to me and sarcastically snickered, "Hey Mike, have a nice." As he was walking to his car he turned and said, "Oh by the way, I'm fucking with you," and started hysterically laughing once again. Turns out that the nun never saw it, but he got the whole maintenance crew in on the prank, even my boss. It was without a doubt the best prank I've ever been apart of, even though I was the one getting pranked. It was also the most relieved I've ever felt in my life.
Mike C

I used to work for Costco (and Sam's Club before that) cleaning up the parking lot and collecting carts. It's disturbing the amound of people that think it's perfectly acceptable to leave a dirty diaper in the cart—without a tip, too.
Trevor Starkey

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