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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

In 1999, my dad grounded me on New Years Eve, because I refused to shake the mouse on the computer every five minutes to stop it from sleeping while it was running a virus scan.
AJ Ka-e from SBU

I helped a ~40 year old customer sign up for a rewards card this weekend. It asked for his email address. He asked me what to do if he didn't have an email address. He then went on to explain that he has a g-mail account and wanted to know if that would work….
Lauren G from Illinois State

I was in the kitchen watching How I Met Your Mother on my laptop when my dad started to get on my case about "How I can sit in front of that fucking screen all day". He then proceeded to watch three hours of TV. Love you Pops.
Kyle Pastor

After having a desktop PC for about 6 years, it had slowed down over time. My father would constantly complain about how slow the internet was because internet explorer would take forever to open. I explained to him that the computer was running slow, not the internet. I thought he had a grasp on it until he went out and bought a new monitor to speed things up.
Dace M

So apparently my parents and the inlaws are getting along swimmingly while my newly-married wife and I are in Scotland while I'm studying for my Master's degree. First, there's a really great Mexican food place back in San Diego that has this white jalapeno cheese dip for the chips that is absolutely amazing. Apparently the wife's parents took mine out to dinner the other night. I guess my mom has never had that dip before, and we learned that when my wife got a picture email from her mom which we were certain was spam and were rather hesitant to open. The subject line? "Her first white sauce experience". !?!?

Apparently, not to be outdone, my mom sends me an email with pictures from a golf tournament they all participated in to raise money for the 3-day breast cancer walk. Great charity and all that. But that email's subject line? I kid you not, "3-day pink hole". That's it. How could I not be utterly confused and terrified to open that email… FROM MY MOM?? Obviously the "pink" part is for the charity's color, and the "hole" part is supposed to be involved with golf, but why, oh god, would you stick those two together, without context, into a subject line of an email??
C T from University of Edinburgh

My grandma thinks every Youtube video is a videogame. If she comes out when I'm watching one, she'll ask me what game I'm playing, despite the fact that I'm touching neither the keyboard nor the mouse. If I play a videogame while a video plays for background noise, she thinks I'm playing two games at once somehow.
Jess R

My mother getting an iphone has to be one of the most annoying things she has ever done (to me). At first she didn't know how to use it, so she would bug me to teach her how to do stuff on it. Once that mountain was climbed, my mother realised she could use technology to tell me to do stuff and force me to communicate with her. So she now constantly facetimes my ipod to ask me what I'm doing and to tell me to do stuff; and to send me long messages on Facebook, WITHOUT ANY PUNCTUATION. I know it may seem minor, but I'm dyslexic, meaning it takes me like 20 more minutes than it normally would to read this jumble of words and she usually facetimes me while I'm almost finished. All while being downstairs.

Though, don't worry. She knows how to do smileys.
Rache Shep

My mother FREQUENTLY describes checking her emails as "googling my Internet"
Emma Kent

My Mom calls almost everything technology related "e-mail." Google(or any web page)=e-mail. Text message=e-mail. Voice mail=e-mail. Think you can guess what she calls actual e-mail? Wrong! Those are called "letters."
James S. from UAFS (go Lions!)

My mom shared a link to on Facebook. Just in case nobody knew what Google is. Welcome to the internet, mom.
James A

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