We gamers like to kick off our booties after a rough nine-to-fiver, throw our legs up on our cinderblock table, pick up our controllers, and forget about the real world for just a few hours; to escape into a world where we're epic heroes assigned with the daunting task of vanquishing pure evil.

But sometimes we open that creepy-looking Pandora's Box and a springy "nuts in a can" snake pops out instead. We're suddenly pulled out of the fantasy when we encounter a villain that splits our sides with laughter. Here's our tribute to some of the most WTF characters in gaming.

6. Disco Kid (Punch-Out!!)

For a series that introduced me to a soda-pop addicted boxer, I shouldn't have been surprised when Nintendo debuted this rather flamboyant opponent to the newest Punch Out!! game. But no amount of Rocky-esque training could prepare me for the Disco Kid. He was a perfect addition to Little Mac's off kilter rogue gallery, but about as intimidating as Carlton Banks dressed in a sailor suit holding a giant lolly.

Over-the-top, jazzy catchphrases like "Wheeee! Eh, stretch!" and "I. Am. Fa-bu-lous!" don't conjure up images of anyone close to resembling Ivan Drago. When this Chris Brown wannabe returns to claim his title, he makes a sparkly leap into the boxing ring sporting a full body spandex suit that would make Richard Simmons blush. At least King Hippo could take a punch with some dignity … the Disco Dandy just breathes out a whispy "eh!" This boxer wasn't training in the off season by furiously punching slabs of meat, he was searching Groupon for hot yoga deals.

5. Wood Man (Mega Man 2)

Wait what? Wood Man? You're kidding me, right, Doc Wy? This is only Mega Man 2 and you're already scraping the bottom of the barrel for your futuristic robots of mayhem? If you were really struggling to come up with ideas, no one would blame you for making sh*t up. Hell, I still don't know what Guts Man is, but I DO know that he's got Olympian pectorals and the ability to hurl motherboard-crushing boulders. That's enough to make me quiver in my over-sized robo-boots.

His costume isn't even a full grown tree (those can be terrifying); it's a stump. He shoots leaves. Leaves. Get it together, Doc. You can't hope to take over Monsteropolis with robots like Wood Man. Hold up, are those blueprints for… a "Plant Man"? I give up.