10. It's a Wonderful Life If for you the sight of snow isn't synonymous with the voice of Jimmy Stewart by now, there is no hope for your soul. There never has been, and never will be, a more earnest, beautiful, touching treatment of the Christmas subject than there is here-HOLY HELL, A RETRACTABLE FLOOR LEADING TO A POOL? THAT'S AWESOME. DO ALL SCHOOLS HAVE THAT?!

9. Die Hard If I'm going to criticize the movies on this list so far... I know, bear with me for a second, guys, it just has to be the lack of terrorists being smashed through windows. Never is a hero needed more than during Christmas, one who's willing to kick ass, get results, and cost the taxpayer millions.

8. A Muppet Christmas Carol What Robert Zemeckis failed to grasp in his ill-fated remake two years ago, is that the classics aren't better with 3D or motion capture, or Jim Carrey. PUPPETS, you guys! Puppets! It would be a stretch to claim this movie is anything groundbreaking, but when you combine a timeless Dickens story with the freakin' Muppets, it's not not going to be great.

7. A Charlie Brown Christmas For a character so obviously and deeply steeped in existential terror and mortality, Charlie Brown does a stand-up job making us feel just that little bit better about the long, cold winter nights and the fact we don't have the coolest puppy in the world.

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas Debates have and will rage forever more over whether Nightmare is a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie, but that's really dumb, because it's obviously a Christmas movie, that shows us you needn't be a Christian, or human, or alive, for that matter, to appreciate and engage in the spirit of the holiday. I mean, who's going to turn down getting presents and eating all day?