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Two days ago I was lying in bed with my boyfriend. He was lovingly stroking my cheek when he said, in the sweetest voice, "Your side-burns are so cute."

Every now and then, when we're having sex, my boyfriend will moan his own name and talk dirty to himself.
Jenny S.

My girlfriend is scared—literally scared—of seeing me naked. She has brought herself to tears thinking about my naked body. I don't know how to take that…

In the shower, my boyfriend grabbed stray pieces of my hair and arranged it to look like a stick figure giving another stick figure a blowjob. It was actually pretty artistic.
Ann M.

I hooked up with this guy once and he was a huge asshole to me after. So I've been putting his number in craigslist ads for free things for months. Hope you're enjoying all those calls for free electronics from the redneck locals, dick.

My girlfriend likes to suck my finger to get me worked up, which I have no problem with. However, now she likes to try to put her fingers in my mouth. I refuse to show her how good I would be at blow jobs…
Rick J.

My boyfriend and I have perfected rolling over in bed so the other is on top without his penis coming out of me. I think we've spent more time perfecting that move than actually having sex in the past few weeks…

My (ex) girlfriend and I thought it was funny to burp in each others mouth randomly in the middle of make out sessions.

I am 21 years old and have never been in a relationship. What's my biggest concern with this? That I have absolutely nothing to contribute to the Dating, It's Complicated piece on CollegeHumor.
Corwin C

My girlfriend likes to fondle the Chapstick in my pocket and pretend it's my erect penis. She also acts like she's impressed.
Jonas P

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