My alarm goes off. I hit snooze. It goes off again, this time surprising me a little, so I jump up.

Gee, I'm surprised. Almost as surprised as the little boy asleep in his bed when he woke up and saw Dwight sitting in a rocking chair in his room, all while Michael, Jan, Jim, and Karen were downstairs talking to the big corporate people.

I get up and go to the bathroom.

Me: Wow, being in the bathroom reminds me of The Office last night when Jan, in a fit of passion, asked Michael to throw her up against the bathroom wall and have his way with her while at the party. Too bad he told her it was inappropriate and they had their "first fight."

I put on pants.

Hmmm, putting on clothes is the opposite of what Carla was doing last night when she was helping Turk study so that he could impress Dr. Cox since his broken arm forced him to abandon surgery for a month and hang out with the interns.

I stare at my Garden State DVD.

Oh golly, I almost forgot. I've got to bring that movie back to Blockbuster. Isn't it funny that Kenny the cop had a cameo in tonight's Scrubs episode! My friend IMDB told me that Michael Weston — that's the actor's name — is good college buddies with Zach Braff. Wow. I hope one day I can have cameos in all of my friends' movies and TV shows!

I throw a glass at my mirror.

Me: I'm not even sure why I just did that, but it bears eerie similarity to when Roy threw a glass at the mirror in a bar because Pam told him that she kissed Jim a month before they were supposed to get married.

Watch out Jim! Roy is going to kill you! He said so in the last minute of the show.

Also, Dwight is hosting SNL on Saturday. That wasn't in the show, just a commercial. But it's still relevant.