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So I used to live with my now ex-boyfriend, and he would always bitch about me not cleaning our room, even though the mess was all his. I cleaned up after him for 6 months. Then I found out he cheated on me, I moved out and cut all ties with him, but not before canceling his car insurance (which was on my account) and not telling him. Then I called his job and told them how he has been stealing from them. Three weeks later, he gets a notice in the mail from the DMV saying he had over $500 in fines for not having insurance on his vehicle and no job to pay it off! Think better next time you screw someone over who knows all your secrets.

My RA is a prick. On Friday nights he waits in his dorm room until he hears people walk by, then runs out and starts sniffing them to make sure they weren't drinking. So a couple weeks ago my friends and I found one of those empty, rolling recycling containers, brought it inside, and filled the ENTIRE thing with water. We leaned it on his door at about 3 in the morning and went to bed. We were woken up by him screaming as loud as he could. Apparently he was studying and had fallen asleep with a shitload of his notes and his laptop on the floor. Guess who didn't pick his things up off the floor when he opened the door?
Joe from Wisconsin

It's 3:30 am. I'm still awake because I'm trying to finish a French paper. My roommate and her boyfriend are still awake because they are playing Pokemon.
Anonymous from OSU

Recently during weekends I've gotten into the habit of never leaving my bedroom because I've had so much work to do. This means my roommate never knows when I'm home, because I'm a really quiet and courteous roommate. Last weekend I was working on a paper when I overheard her talking very loudly on the phone to one of her friends: "I love my roommate's shampoo. Sometimes after she's done taking a shower and she leaves I just go and sit in the bathroom and like, smell the steam because it all smells like her shampoo. I sit in there for like half an hour sometimes!" Uh, thanks?
Anon E. Mouse

One of my roommates is a noodlevore- aka all she does is eat noodles. Which is fine, whatever, eat carbs and get fat. But when she drains the water, noodles fall in our sink and she NEVER cleans them out. Then, when she's had her fill of noodles, she'll leave the dirty pot, still half full of noodles on the stove for hours- the record was six I think. When she gets back to the apartment, she heats up the noodles that have been sitting out and eats them. One day I got so sick of her nasty noodles in the sink and the noodles on the stove, I combined the two. I stirred the noodles from the sink into the noodles that were still sitting on the stove. When she got back to the apartment, as expected she ate them, no clue of the disgusting crap she just ate (did I mention I dumped the mop water out in the sink before I transferred the noodles??). Eat up bitch.

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