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I work at a drive-thru starbucks, and yesterday, when there was no one in the store, a lady came in and asked where the drive-thru was. We pointed, and she promptly left the store, got in her car and came around the drive-thru.
d k

One time, when I was delivering pizzas for a living, I got to a house and they refused to tip me because the price of gas went up, as if that was my fault—or I had some other, magical way to bring them their pizza.
evan sirois

My boss called me today as I was on my way home for winter break and complained about how she couldn't get to this one website because the "land" was down. After spending twenty minutes on the phone explaining to her that the "lan" being down is probably not what is causing one webpage to be down when all the other websites work fine and trying to help her fix it, she tells me that she's just going to go talk to IT at least they will be helpful and that she hopes I get coal in my stocking this year.
Anonymous Jane

I've asked one of my co-workers repeatedly if she could shut down all the computers when she leaves work on Fridays and she just turns off all the monitors, every week. Finally I asked her why she was just turning off the monitors and she said she thought it did the same thing as shutting it down.

Worst part? She's a computer engineering major.
Amanda S

I work as a bouncer. I realize most people think this job is reserved for meat heads and general assholes. I try to combat this by always joking around with customers. A lot of times my co-workers and i will poke fun at customers' driver licenses. Most states don't change your picture anymore so some are pretty hilarious. One day I saw an I.D. from Pennsylvania where the girl was wearing a really strange hat. I said something stupid like "Oh guess you had a weird fashion stage huh?" I looked up and realized the girl was Amish, and she had to wear that, all the time.
jake mitrecic

There is a previous "Work Sucks" story about a Costco employee and leaving diapers in the carts. When I had the same job someone actually tried to hand me their kids dirty diaper claiming "she couldn't find a trash can". I pointed to two trash cans next to her and glared at her. She instead decided it wasnt worth the 10 foot walk so she dropped the diaper ON THE GROUND and walked away.
Kelsey Handcock

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