Okay, I admit it's pretty funny when people are expecting you to reopen easily and you crush them with your mammoth door of death, but this time you've gone too far.

Remember that time I was really late for an exam and you decided you wanted to take me to the basement?

How about the time I really had to pee, but you decided we needed to stop on every floor along the way?

No? How about that time I was drunk and you decided to go from the ground to the basement, then stop back at the ground floor, then stop at the third and fourth floors, and then finally haul your ass up to the 6th floor?

You should remember that time, because that time was last night, and I pissed all over you. I decided that covering you in urine was the only way to show your evil electrical brain who's boss. So keep that in mind when I step on, or you'll be covered in more than just piss next time.