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When I am making out with my girlfriend, sometimes I poke my tongue in and out really quickly, one would think it is moment killer, but she giggles for a little bit then we make out more intensely than before, we have termed it "The Gecko"
Rich H

Although my boyfriend and I spend most of our evenings watching movies, the night almost always ends in us having sex. On nights that we watch Lord of the Rings (my favorites, not to be easily interrupted) we play what he calls Mordor- he does absolutely all that he can to open my legs. I have been dancing since I was 5… and I have unbelievably strong legs.

You know what they say: One does not simply walk into Mordor.
Catherine K

It took my wife three years of marriage to pee in front of me.

I've been seeing this guy for almost 5 months. He's absolutely amazing, but I feel like I'm the one who wants more physically. It sucks when I stay at his place, turn over in bed with a smile on my face, and he's already asleep… Is it so wrong to want it at least once, if not more than once a day?
Sarah E

My boyfriend and I were having sex, and when we changed positions, my vag let out an enormous queef. We both laughed and continued. Later that day, he farted and I made a big deal out of how gross he was. He responded, "At least I don't fart out of my vagina."

My boyfriend invented "Eskimo French kisses," which start out like normal Eskimo kisses, but end in him trying to shove my nose up one of his nostrils. He also has a hard time keeping track of the exact location of some of the spots where I'm ticklish, so when he finds one, he holds me down so he can mark the spot with a hicky.
Sydney S

My boyfriends prefers to watch youtube videos of people playing Minecraft than actually playing it.

Whenever my boyfriend yawns, I put my finger in his mouth.
J Flash

My boyfriend whistles to his dog to get his attention. He does the same to me, in front of our friends. The worst part is I actually respond to it.
Kit R

My boyfriend and I talk to each other like we do to my nephew all the time… It started as a joke, but now he will only tell me "I lovers you, HunnyBunny" instead of saying it like an adult… even in public. Grrrrrr
Sarah L

When my girlfriend wants me to last longer she talks in a voice that sounds just like batman… and it works every time.

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