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I am not a messy person, I clean the bathroom every Saturday, I clean the kitchen before I go to bed, and I make sure that everything gets put away after I use it. My roommate, though, is a neurotic level clean freak who basically lives with her boyfriend. So she pretty much comes home to scrub the apartment with those chemicals that make your eyes sting and leave passive aggressive notes about how there was a spot on the mirror or a jacket on the couch and I really start cleaning up after myself. Before leaving for winter break, I made sure to get the place up to her level of clean but two days later, she sent me a text that said "I am so tired of cleaning up all of your sh*t, I am not your maid." I calmly replied, asking what it was that I forgot to clean and she texted back "Did you or did you not leave Juno in the DVD player?"
Anonymous from CWU

I lived in a three bedroom apartment with my friend and a total slut. My friend and I were total neat freaks. We would always pick up her sloppy pizza mess, or flush the toilet after her monster shit. Erica, the slut, was an art major. One night, when my friend and I had gone to sleep, Erica was up late finishing an art project on the floor using those 100$ really nice pro style colored pencils. When she was finished, she put her project on her bed, and fell asleep, leaving the colored pencils on the floor. I woke up in the middle of the night, and started sleepily walking to the bathroom. Halfway there, I slipped on the colored pencils, breaking a good few of them, tore up the project that fell off the bed in the process, and broke my leg. Erica and my friend both heard the thump, Erica went back to sleep like an ass and my friend turned the lights on and saw me in agony. My friend told Erica that I tripped on her colored pencils and the first thing that douche said was "OMG are the pencils okay?" after I got out of the emergency room, we ended up in a court of law because she was suing me for thousands of dollars for "ruining a good set of colored pencils and the result of pain and toils for months". I happened to know those pencils were a birthday gift, so she never paid for them, and the project had been done a week after it was assigned. She lost, and her parents made her pay me the money she was suing me for. She now has to cough up over 5,000 dollars by the end of semester. Did I mention Erica doesn't have a job?

Money is tight when you are a student so when I buy myself something for MY lunch or MY dinner I expect to eat it! Now I'm a forgiving person and I understand that we can mistaken each others stuff by accident, but when you manage to get my kraft dinner and oreo cookies out of a locked cabinet that only I have the key to, while giving me the excuse "I found them out in the open and thought they could be mine" then you have crossed a line. So while you try to remove your hand from the mouse trap I strategically place inside an open bag of MY Doritos I hope you will have learned your lesson.
Othman D from Carleton U

I once lived with three other girls, two of which were the most disgusting slobs I have ever seen. They never took out the trash or did the dishes (My dishes btw… in fact, all the furniture and house stuffs were mine), until the trash was knee high in the kitchen and they were using paper dishes so they could avoid cleaning the dirty ones. Oh and they cleaned the cat box so rarely that it was literally ALL POOP. (3 of us had cats and I moved my cat exclusively to my room because I was tired of being the only one who cleaned the box. Funnily enough, the one girl who didn't own a cat ended up being peer pressured into cleaning it.) Not being one for confrontation but feeling like white trash every time I walked into my apartment, I decided the best way to do it was passive aggressively. So the next day I snuck down to the apartment managers office and explained the situation to her (Without all the details so she didn't evict us) and asked her to host a 'surprise inspection' the next week. She posted a notice on the door and sure enough, my roomates spent the next couple of days freaking the hell out trying to get the place clean. I moved out shortly after (Leaving the furniture with them so they could enjoy moving it). Looking back on it now, I wish I had done much worse.

So it just so happens that most of my 6 roommates happen to come from families that are are little better off financially than mine. No big deal, i'm not exactly falling on the hardest of times, but most of them take great joy in mocking me for trying to save a buck or two by buying private brand/cheaper alternatives from the grocery store. "If i'm putting it in my body, I want it to be the best stuff possible, no matter what," is often the quote. As it also happens, one of them is a habitual buyer of name brand Cheerios, where as for months now i've been buying Giant Eagle's off-brand "Toasted Oats" knockoff. Funny thing is though, i've been eating name brand cheerios for months, and he's been eating the "Toasted Oats," I switch the bags out every time he opens up a new box. Turns out you're not eating the "best stuff possible" all the time after all, buddy.
S. D.C. from Fraysh U

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