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One day while I was involved in a tedious, brain draining labeling at the counter of the campus bookstore/mini mart where I work my boss popped up to buy some snacks for her break. After asking me to ring her up I jokingly asked what would happen if I refused to ring her up, all while quickly completing the transaction.

In one of her frequent mood swings, she looked at me intensely and told me she would cut my working hours down to nothing because she was the boss and "That's how it works" and laughed as she walked out for her break.
Victoria Stoner

For Christmas, my boss gave me a framed picture of his kid.
amanda A

So I had a part time job at a security firm. One day a woman called up to check on what her security password was. So after a few moments of thinking, she asks, "Is It Hawaii? That's were me and my husband went for our honeymoon."

So I reply, "No Ma'm it's California." Right after I finish saying those words, I hear her scream into the phone.

"That's were he went with his FIRST wife! I'm going to kill him!" And she hangs up. The next day her account was closed. Did I cause a divorce?
Jack Ryder

I have my own remodeling business. One night after watching Pulp Fiction with some of my friends. My one friend asks if I'm ever scared that some homeowner could club me over the head, lock me in the basement, and use me as their personal sex slave. Then one day I go to look at a basement remodel and there was a Pulp Fiction poster hanging on the wall. Now I go to every estimate packing heat just in case they try any funny business with me.
p w

I work at a Burger King. One of my managers is a forty year old greaseball who likes using internet memes as a way to make himself feel more relative to his younger workers. His latest phase is the whole Nyan Cat thing. Every morning when I come into work he has a different version of the song playing in the background. He plays it constantly from when he gets to work to when he goes home mid-afternoon. Try listening to that god damn song constantly from 7 in the morning and NOT kill yourself before lunch. I'm actually at the point where I think he's doing this on purpose just to screw with us.
Grahame Thomas

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