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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

When my sister opened the crockpot my mother bought her for Christmas she said that she had a feeling that she was getting one. Apparently, my mom had posted on Facebook a link to a site of crockpots she was looking at. She denies knowing how to copy a link, let alone share it on facebook. She still has no idea how she managed it…
L Jones

My mum asked for an iPod Nano for Christmas even though she doesn't even like to listen to music. Despite this, my dad and I got her one and she has been spending the past few days asking questions like "Can I use my iTunes giftcard on Amazon?" or "What is this white cord called?" while holding up the headphones. Also, she refuses to use the headphones provided, and instead uses a pair from the 90's that fit over her ears because she thinks they sound better. Finally, yesterday, while staring at the iPod with her glasses on she asks me "Is my nano still an MP3 player?"
Sarah W from University of Portland

My parents wanted to get a smart phone for themselves, and they asked me if their landline phones would stop working if they bought the smart phone. The ACTUALLY were under the impression that the smart phone would literally suck the "power" out of the land line phones. I didn't know whether to laugh or slap myself.
Bill C. from Eastern Illinois University

My older sister was showing my mom where her first apartment was located on Google Maps Satellite. Upon seeing the little red marker hover over the street in front of the building rather than the building itself, my mom starts raising her voice at my sister, saying that the apartment is a scam and that she will be living on the actual street. After telling her that the marker is referring to the only building in view, she asks if Google will let us take a "picture tour inside the building."
Delaney Beals

My grandmother recently had an MRI and marveled at the breakthrough in technology that allowed the people who performed the MRI to send it to her regular doctor without having to make a hard copy. Yes, Grandmother, the medical wonder of e-mail.
Ni ck from Salisbury

I gave my iPad to my grandmother so she could check her email. She had received a Christmas e-card from my aunt but when she clicked on it, it wouldn't work. She called me over and I told her the e-card needed flash to play, and IPads don't have that. She yelled at me, "I'm not trying to take a picture, I just want to watch the damn e-card!"
Paulina Ke

I always thought of my grandma as a very technical person. Well, then comes facebook, and she is now under the impression that every application belongs to and is designed by facebook. so she gets them ALL. of course she gets tons of viruses, but she never once thinks that it is because of these apps. She is instead under the impression that it was the new fb timeline she upgraded to, because it got her started on the "other facebooks with viruses." She posted an in-depth status about this, and all of her friends are buying it. I had to calmly explain to her that the timeline was one of the few things actually designed by facebook, and is therefore safe. She didn't believe me.
Granny Problems

While visiting my parents for Christmas, my dad said he was glad I was there because he needed my help figuring out if the USB flash drive he just got was able to hold documents. Apparently the packaging described that it was able to be used for pictures and videos but didn't specify that it was able to store documents.
Rebecca C

This year my family spent Christmas with relatives I don't see very often. I asked my Mom, who had been there just a few months ago, if there was internet at the house I was staying at and she said yes, there was. After an 8 hour car trip we arrive and I turn on my computer and see no networks. I find my mom and ask, "I thought you said there was internet here, Mom?" She replies, "Oh, well he has a computer in the basement…"
Rachel B

My mom and I sometimes text funny pictures to each other when we're bored at work, and it recently came to my attention that she has no idea how to save a picture from Safari to her iPhone's photo album. Apparently, she's been looking for funny pictures on Safari, emailing herself a link to the picture, opening the link on her work computer, downloading the picture, sending it to herself as an email attachment, opening the email on her phone, saving the picture to her photo album, and THEN texting it to me. All in all, I have to appreciate the effort she puts forth just to send me a good morning lolcat.
Svenja D

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