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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

One day my mom needed some help because her new radio-alarm-clock had some stupid defect she could not explain: The display said 'hEGI' and I was a little puzzled at first but as the letters changed to 'SEGI' I turned the clock upside down and left the room in silence. Back in my room I bursted into laugher and tears of joy.
Seb. M.

We got my mother a basic Kindle for Christmas. She opens it up and immediately asks if she can play "Dirty Birds" on it.
Sam B.

My parents blocked this website. I'm sixteen….
Normy Normenson

My sister gave my mom an iPad 2 for her birthday. My mom told my sister how much she loved the iPad even though she didn't open for 3 weeks. When she finally did open it, she would not let anyone touch it for fear of getting fingerprints on it.

When I was visiting relatives last weekend, I tried and failed to find the house's wifi signal. When I asked my uncle about it, he told me that to access the wifi, I had to plug my laptop into the router.
Sean Y

I work as tech support at a electronic retailer, in about a half hour period I had a lady get mad at me because she didn't understand what I meant when I said "back of the iPad." Another older lady was upset that her wireless router cut out a block away from her house and thought it should work everywhere. And a very angry gentlemen that couldn't get his USB flash drive to work… I just showed him there was a lid.

My manager was there for the second two questions and said that he "should stick around the techs more often, I learn the best stuff."

I just about quit after that.
Darmick McGeek

My dad sent me 5 burned CDs for christmas this year. He was so proud to share his music with me.
Halftime Show from UMass

My Mom asked me how "the thing where all the books come from" is called.She meant amazon.
Patrick V.

My mom: do you know shelby?Me: Which one?My Mom: The one on Facebook.Thanks for the clarification mom.
N Buchman

My mom asked what the title of the movie I was watching was. I said "Blade Runner" and explained it was a guy in the future who hunts down fugitives. She said that was a stupid name and a better title would be "Wonders Of the Future."
Karl King

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