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I work at a ultra hip ping pong bar in Wisconsin. From time to time we get celebrities who enjoy a good game of table tennis. This particular night Frank Caliendo showed up after a stand up show. Frank is one of my favorite comedians and I was pumped up to meet him. He played for about an hour and sat down to eat. I am at the lower end of the totem pole at my job, consisting of picking up ping pong balls and empty cups, so it was going to be hard for me to get a chance to meet him. Two times in a row, almost back to back, a server dropped a tray of drinks on the ground, naturally the clean up is my job. As soon as I finished I noticed a belligerent girl hanging on Mr. Caliendo while he was eating so I hurried over. I was standing face to face with this sloppy mess and Frank Caliendo. Then I attempted to get this girl away saying her friends were looking for her when out of nowhere Frank looked at me and yelled for some space. Shortly after I got her away and to her friends my boss comes up to me with a roll of duct tape and tells me a urinal broke. I thought it was something minor but the tank was literally shattered. After I performed the best duct tape surgery man has ever seen I went out to see Mr. Caliendo left.
Andy Milwaukee

Long story short: college did not work out as planned. (You will be able to tell due to improper grammar.) Anyways, dropped out of college for reasons you would never guess. So as time went by I decided I needed a job with a promising future. I currently worked and still work at a shitty restaurant called Buffalo Wild Wings, which lead me to believe anything was better than being a cook with no promising future. So I decided to apply to be a janitor, after all at at least they have benefits and pensions. Weeks go by and I retrieved a few calls as to be a substitute janitor. Well due to my scheduling at Buffalo Wild Wings time was sadly limited.( I was desperate) SO HERE IT COMES!! I get a call from my old High School—lol—(Can you tell the excitement?) I get the temporary fill in job. Im not sure how to explain this without it being anymore sad than is has to be. Getting the job was amazing! Except when you see your old teachers and Principles again and they ask "What I've been up to," and "What am I doing here?" (5 years after High School graduation) My responses always varied and each one got sadder and sadder. The worst part perhaps was that I was in charge of cleaning the main office's bathrooms which yes meant I scrubbed good ole shit stains out of my OLD PRINCIPALS TOILET! I swear on my life—the principal would shit right before I would have to clean their bathroom. Most people after high school never see their asshole principals again. I will leave that alone and call you lucky or smart. Either way, at the time I was the only 22 year old okay with it because I was convinced it was better than a restaurant job at Buffalo Wild Wings!—Believe it or not. After the temp job there ended and 4 months passed… I went back to being a janitor there. I was recommended because of the "hard work" I had put in there. LOL so here I am 4 months later working the two worst jobs at age 22. Who knew?Johnitor

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