Roommate Red Flags - DVR

Now, clearly we could let you know that Dancing with the Stars, Sex and the City, and the entire Lifetime network would make this list, but those are deal breakers. If you find yourself in that situation, run as fast as you can in the other direction. As far those that we've included on this list are concerned, these are what we call the "Gateway Shows" to hours upon hours of mindless, miserable shows that will leave any true man scratching his head or wanting to beat himself over the top of said head….

Roommate Red Flags - Put your shirt on bro

There's no excuse for a dude who rocks his shirt off this much. Seriously, bro? You're clearly trying to exhibit your masculinity or something, and it's kind of creepy. Keep your shirt on.

10 Roommate Red Flags - Tuna

Tuna is great, right? It's low-calorie, high-protein, and Jessica Simpson calls it chicken. What's not to like?Clearly you're fucking insane. It smells worse than gym socks, under-the-cover farts, and Play-it-Again-Sports. If you've got a roommate that nukes this stuff your place is going to become a permanent hell hole that no one will want to step into. Good luck getting laid until you move out.

10 Roommate Red Flags - Nomad

You bought the couch, the TV, and the coffee table. The XBOX is yours. The cable, electricity, and gas bills? All in your name. This person is clearly a leech, and the only thing you get out of this is his company and the sounds of him having sex with his girlfriend at 3 in the morning, every night. But what would he care?

10 Roommate Red Flags - Lock

What is it that he's doing in there? We can think of a few things, and they're certainly not things that will qualify as acceptable. Not only will you quickly run out of house tissues, you'll also end up being an accomplice to the murder of your neighbor and his girlfriend. Good luck with that.