It's that time again, time to register for next semester's classes. With all these choices it'll be hard to narrow it down. Let's take a look!

OCFU – 1001-019 Gender Politics in "The OC", Prof. McNulty
This class will take an in depth look at the gender relations on the hit FOX show "The OC." Why is Seth such a pussy? Why is Marissa a switch hitter? Why is Zach still on the show? These and other topics tackled in this new, exciting course.
Required Text: "The OC, season one" DVD, FOX/Searchlight. "It's Only a Phase; Teenage Homosexual Experimentation" Parker, 2002

SFUB – 2002-001 Easy Mac, How Much is too Much?, Prof. Sherman
We all love Easy Mac, but how far should we allow that love to go? Many students fall victim to its sensible price and easy preparation. Many more students come to rely on it as their only source of food. Is this safe? Professor Sherman, a one-time Easy Mac addict, examines the dangers and pitfalls of students' love affairs with this sodium-rich pasta-esque product.
Required Text: "Blue Box Blues: Kraft Food's Quest to Control the World" Ross, 2001. "Ramen Noodles: What Kraft Doesn't Want You to Know" Buyer, 1998

CBSU – 3572-044 Comic Books, Are They Cool Again?, Prof. Shirley
The re-emergence of comic book culture in American popular culture has led many to speculate that comic books are once again cool, is this true? Is it ok to once again admit to owning X-Men #1? Should you retrieve your collection from your parents attic and take it to school with you? Will you get laid if you argue that Magneto isn't bad, he's just confused?
Required Text: "The Graphic Novel: Comic Books for Adult Losers" Martin, 1999

PORU – 5675-095 Not Again! A Scholarly Take on Bed-Wetting, Prof. Lynch
An insider's look at the phenomenon that is bed-wetting. This once banished childhood problem often comes back to haunt college students. Why? Guest Lecture by MTV's Gideon Yago entitled "I do it too; my struggle with the soggy sheets." "Blaming it on her" symposium.
Required Text: "The Tinkle Express; It's Always on Time" Nairn, 2000. "Puddle of Shame" Various Authors. 1992

RCMS – 2201-190 Quad Conduct, Knowing Your Place, Prof. Stalwart
When the weather is nice students often congregate on the quad. This class will teach students the various unstated rules that apply to these gatherings. Throw the football, don't punt it. The "'lil help' distance equation; how far is too far to ask someone to get your Frisbee? One-piece bathing suits; you might as well stay inside. These and other topics explored. Field research required.
Required Text: "Going Commando; What Not to do in Athletic Shorts" Darcy, 1978

Classes are a joke!

Eric has a new column out today, so check that out. Aaron Karo also has a not only a new column out, but a book as well- "Ruminations on Twentysomething Life" will be available in book stores May 3rd. Word.