America has been celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day for thousands of years. His contributions to civil rights, folk music, and robotics stand as an inspiration to us all whether Black, Canadian, Jewish or Gay. Most people know the basics of Martin Luther King Junior's incredible life; his creation of the Underground Railroad, development of calculus, integration of Major League Baseball, and founding of the Lutheran Church. But what many people don't know about MLK Jr. is that he was an important civil rights leader.

Martin Luther King Junior, also known as Malcolm X, found the inspiration to end slavery and create a free and equal country in the most unlikely of places, the NAACP headquarters. He was in Birmingham, Alabama where he had just finished recording his first solo album after leaving the pop group The Temptations, when he met George Washington Carver, the first president of the NAACP. George Washington Carver's influence gave MLK Jr. the confidence he needed to overcome a childhood speech impediment and take a stand against the white oppressors who wouldn't let blacks play quarterback and forced them to wear their hats backwards (they later started wearing their hats sideways when white people started wearing their hats backwards).

Martin Luther King took his first steps towards creating equality by becoming the first African-American to play Major League Baseball. At first he struggled to succeed because he was only allowed two strikes while all other players were allowed three, but eventually his hard work and perseverance paid off. His achievements paved the way for other ball players like Barry Bonds to take steroids and pervert the integrity of America's national pastime.

Martin Luther King Jr. was again thrust into the spotlight when he was drafted into the Vietnam War in the prime of his baseball career, but refused to serve because it conflicted with his Islamic beliefs. This pacifism infuriated uptight white men and stood as an inspiration to hippies and Muslim's world wide. It also played a huge role in the resurgence of Islam, showing Muslims everywhere it's essential that they take a stand against the USA…no matter what the cost.

After retiring from Major League Baseball as it's all time leader in home runs, MLK began a career in the film industry. He was determined to show the world that blacks could make better films than Scary Movie. After co-writing Scary Movie 2 and performing the hit single "Kiss from a Rose" for the Batman Forever soundtrack, he took starring roles in Virtuosity and Devil in a Blue Dress. He then went on to become the first African-American to win an Oscar for Best Actor by way of his spell-binding performance as a corrupt cop in Training Day. Things were going great for MLK Jr, until crisis struck again, this time in the form of a double murder charge.

When Martin Luther King Junior's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend Ronald Goldman were found brutally murdered, the racist LAPD tried to scapegoat MLK Jr. and tarnish his reputation, and most importantly his cause. Thankfully, money and justice won out and he was found innocent of all charges.

Martin Luther King Jr. died in January of 1997, losing a grueling six month battle with colon cancer. He is gone, but in out hearts and minds he is immortalized. It's so important that we take a day to look back on and celebrate the accomplishments of this incredible man, almost as important as it is to not take things too seriously or over-react to a stupid column written by some dumb-ass who can barely get laid. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone!