Hey guys, Amir here with some hot end-of-the-year entertainment news. Unless you've been living under a rock (or living under Iraq – Kuwait) you are very familiar with the myriad of countdowns VH1 has aired this year. Hottest this, coolest that, and the other. Well I've compiled a list of their lists, and here is a countdown of the greatest VH1 countdowns of 2004! (Note: This list is NOT real. The jokes you are about to read are facetious and satirical, for actual news please visit CollegeSerious.org)

5. Top 100 Luke Warm Celebrities of 2004: VH1 counted down a list of 100 luke warm celebs for 2004, and frankly, America listened. These are those people in Hollywood who aren't quite hot, but aren't quite not hot either. They reside in a grey area under the radar, but some reside in an area that's grayer than others! Most notable luke-warm celebrities include: Ray Ramano, Derek Jeter, Heather Locklear, and probably the luke-warmest celebrity of all time: Gene Hackman.

4. 101 Celebrity "Shit I left my keys in the car" moments caught on tape: VH1 startled the entire United States/Kingdom when they released this bad boy in late November. Hot, raw, unadulterated footage of these primo "Shit I left my keys in the car" moments. Watch Freddie Prinz Jr. call AAA! Check out Christina Aguilera get Dirty" with AAA! And I'll be damned if that wasn't Will Smith getting jiggy with AAA! Even the stars have their life-threatening tragedies!

3. Top 500 Celebrity Scandals involving Sandals: Hollywood Lore has it that VH1 first compiled a list of 1,500 Scandals involving Sandals that they then widdled down into a watchable 500. This week long extravaganza included the time Jerry Seinfeld wore sandals and stubbed his toe, to the #1 sandal scandal of all time: Drew Barrymore wearing sandals!

Rumor has it, VH1 is going to follow this baby up in 2005 with their list of the top 100 Scandals involving Sandal Candles. Sandal Candles are sandals you light up with your dance moves.

2. I love the 20's: Strikes Back: Remember Hoola Hoops? Hitting a ring with a stick? Herbert Hoover? Herbert Hoover's Hoola Hoop? Saying that three times fast? Well so does Hal Sparks, Tommy Lee, and the black guy from MAD TV and they're not afraid to talk about it! Watch D-list celebrities reminisce about a period in time your great great grandparents cant even recall — because they're dead. And no matter how hard you wish, no matter how many prayers you make, no matter how many candles you light, you ain't never gonna bring them back! YA HURD! Rated G.

Our countdown concludes with the number one countdown on VH1 in 2004, after this line break.

Hey we're back.

1.VH1's 200 greatest 6-hit wonders. VH1 dissects the anatomy of the oft-fabled myth: the six hit wonder. What makes certain bands like Hootie and the Blowfish, and Blues Traveler release six hot hits then seemingly die out? See which bands are Less than Jake but Better than Ezra in this hot 12 hour mini-special which airs at the bottom and top of each day. I for one can never ever never get enough!

Can't wait till 2005, where VH1 airs the top 2004 years before this one but after Jesus was born!!