Some of my closest guy friends live across the street from a freshman dorm. One day while we sat chugging" er" sipping beers on the front lawn we saw a group of freshman girls leaving the dorm.

"Damn. I would love to tap that," one of the guys called. As he and his friends discussed their pick-up tactics and crushed beer cans on their heads, I began to think about the phenomenon, and double standard, that was surrounding me… Seniors and freshmen.

When a senior guy goes for a hot (or not so hot) freshman it is viewed as "hot" and "pimpin'". When an older girl is interested in someone a few years her junior, however, people look at her like she is pathetic, or a cradle robber. After spending the last few nights playing beer pong with some adorable freshman on my porch I got to wondering: Why is it OK for senior guys to mack on freshman girls while I get laughed at when I tell my roommates that I want to relive the old days and hook up with a freshman in the dorms again? Why can't I have my fresh meat and eat it too?

When I was a freshman I wanted nothing but an older man; they were more experienced and serious than the typical freshman male. They knew how to respect women and, more importantly, how to please them. As I have grown older and continued in my college career I have come to the point where the array of older men is getting sparse. I now have two options: med students, or law students. While they both seem perfect (from my Jewish mother's standpoint), they are the busiest males on campus, spending far too much time in the library and not nearly enough time in my bed.

This creates quite the dilemma, giving me no choice but to run to the arms of an adoring freshman male.

As a senior those slutty and shallow freshman are a refreshing change of pace. Instead of pursuing a man who is pursuing a career, why not take a break and spend time with a guy whose only care in the world is winning a challenging game of beer pong? Why not spend an evening with someone who kisses the ground you walk on (despite the fact that their love stems from your ability to purchase them alcohol)?

If you give it a little thought, going for a younger guy makes complete sense: freshman boys haven't yet been tainted or held down by the pressures of college. They are still living in that little bubble where all that matters is class and drinking (as opposed to upperclassmen who worry about class, drinking AND their future). Even more, they look up to senior women with an air of respect and awe, something that every woman deserves. Sure they aren't the most mature guys around, but maturity is a rarity in college – even law-school boys fart and laugh about it.

As women, we are always taught to go for what we want; if I want a freshman there should be nothing stopping me. So, before you shun me for it, try it. Don't let guys be the only ones to enjoy freshman goodness. Lets stop judging and start enjoying. Lets take a hint from men and head back to the dorms for a little weekend fun.

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