Ah, College
"Coming to midterms"

I'll be blunt. Midterms are not fun. They are hard. But fear not, because I can help. Last year, a professor gave me a tip for passing midterms, which I will share with you. "You'll do fine as long as you remember one thing: All the notes I've given you the first half of this semester."

Does that help? Yeah, it didn't help me much last year either.

-I don't know why people tell me their midterm woes. No matter how many tests you take, no matter how hard they are, and no matter how short a time you have to study, it will never matter to me. Until I have to take your tests for you, I don't need to be informed.

-A tip. Don't tell your parents how hard your midterms are. If you do, you'll be expected to tell them your grade, too. Trust me. Your college experience will be a lot smoother if your parents don't even know what midterms are and if they think it takes everyone six years to get an undergraduate degree.

-If you're suffering from study-related sleep deprivation, don't worry. None of your classes will matter the week after midterms, so you don't have to go. And you'll feel much more rested after at least three solid days of sleep-related class deprivation.

Though, maybe midterms aren't so bad. Not only do they promote responsibility and time management, but they bring people together. Midterms are a time when students of all religions, colors, and races come together to have someone, anyone to complain to about how hard their tests are.

-Midterms also let people of different social groups and beliefs share common ground. I might eat meat. You might not. Someone else might eat other people. But the one thing we can all agree on is that the Geosc 101 midterm should be true-false instead of essay.

-People say midterms take up too much time. This is untrue. Midterms actually create extra time. The week before midterms you'll find time to do a million things you never had time for before. Because frankly, you'd rather do pretty much anything but study.

-Things you do instead of studying show how important academics are to you. If you do useful things, you think learning is important but don't have the time. I doubt academics are that important to me, as I spent my study time this weekend watching the new Matrix DVD in each available language.