Ah, College
"Is it nippy in here?"

This Pennsylvania climate is the worst. It's one thing to wake up and consider staying home to avoid walking in the snow. It's quite another to wake up and seriously consider transferring to Alabama State…every day.

-When it gets cold, it's annoying to talk to people who live in the South. When they say how warm it is, I've got nothing to fight back with. "Yeah, Georgia is warm. But the fireworks laws are way more restrictive here…Take that!"

-My friends have got to stop trying to talk to me when it's cold out. I don't care how interesting the story is. If it doesn't end with, "And then I found out I was made entirely of hot cocoa," I don't want to hear it.

-Have you ever seen those people wearing shorts in the winter? What are they trying to prove? If it's that random people won't throw snowballs at their bare legs and laugh uncontrollably, they are going to be sorely disappointed.

-Professors can't teach the first day. That day is for a short course description and to hand out the syllabus. It's just an unwritten rule. I need to start bringing in a yellow flag to throw when a first class goes beyond fifteen minutes.

-I can never remember course names, only the numbers. So I always spend the first ten minutes of a class trying to guess what the topic is. Sadder still is that it's probably the hardest thinking I do for the first ten weeks of any given class.

-Do you ever get the idea that some professors are teaching just to sell a book they wrote? How about professors that seem to be teaching just to repeatedly brag that they wrote one?

-Why didn't I get off classes for Martin Luther King Day? I mean, it's a whole day based on one man's dream for humanity. How am I supposed to follow his example with classes cutting into my dream time?