1. Have your roommate, aka your best bestie ever!, curl your hair. That'll be a cute surprise that he's sure to totally notice and compliment, which will make up for not hearing from him.

2. Look at every picture he is tagged in on Facebook. Again.

3. When you see something his mom wrote on his wall, be sure to not accidentally click "like" instead "read more." Because that would be creepy.

4. Go through your iTunes and make a playlist of all the songs that deal intimately with your relationship. Listen on repeat.

5. Okay, by this point, kind of a lot of time has passed. Go ahead and text him something cute but not pushy. And feel free to start drinking beer. I mean, just one won't hurt.

6. Also, text a few of your friends just to be sure your phone isn't messed up. Which is totally possible!.. When they reply and he still hasn't, drink another beer.

7. Read all previous texts you've ever received from him (thank you, iPhone!). While drinking another beer.

8. Avoid eye contact with your stupid roommate at all costs. THAT JUDGMENTAL BITCH DOESN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR LOVE. I mean, your hair is already flat and it's only been like, what, a little over 3 hours since she curled it for you. Thanks for nothing, jerk.

9. Think back to the time that your fella did this very same thing on Valentine's Day… and hey, at least it's not that bad! Yeah, drink another beer. Or two.

10. Start watching episodes of Gilmore Girls, season three. See how long you can go without crying. It's like a fun game! RORY + JESS 4EVA.

11. Think about how your three month-iversary is coming up and how definitely nothing bad will happen that night…

12. Instagram drunken, obscure pictures of your tear stained make up. Or your dog. Maybe just your dog. Everybody loves it when you post pictures of your dog.

13. Decide at 2:00am to finally go to sleep… After sending him a text of just a frowny face emoticon.

14. When you can't fall asleep, try vague-booking a youtube video of whichever Britney Spears song most applies to you. I suggest "Drive Me Crazy (The Stop Remix)"

15.Forget about feeling frustrating and hurt and instead feel dumb for overreacting when he FINALLY texts you after 3am saying he "accidentally fell asleep."

16. Don't text him back until you wake up later that morning.

17.Delete that Britney Spears vid from your timeline.

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