Hello Loyal CollegeHumorians,

Big News! We were recently nominated for 3 Webby Awards in the following categories:

Comedy: Individual Short or Episode

Individual Performance

and Best Humor Site

What's a Webby, you say? It's like a less impressive Emmy. What's an Emmy? We don't know, we can't afford cable. So check out our nominated videos and vote for us in the Webby's People's Voice Awards.

Don't think our site is the best? Then surely you'll at least vote for us in the Online Film and Video Comedy: Individual Short. We're nominated for 3 out of the 5, so feel free to just close your eyes and vote, the numbers are in our favor.

Vote for John Stamos' Guide to Cuddling

Vote for Siri Argument

Vote for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's Star Wars

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were also nominated for Best Individual Performance.