My Little Poem About Spring
By Streeter Seidell, age 21

Oh, look out the window
And what do you see
A small humming bird
Buzzing your tree.
And right at the moment
It goes off like a flare
The weather is warm
And spring is in the air

Soon I will be cavorting
With my friends, I assume
Drinking, for once
Outside of my room.
And when that first Natty is cracked
On a field of green grass
I will smile and cheer
And out will I pass.

But when I come to
What a wonderful sight,
10,000 frisbees
all in full flight.
There are girls out a'jogging
And boys staring in awe
At the beautiful bouncing bodies
Which lowered their jaws.

I turn to my left
And what do I see?
A fine lovely lady
Staring at me.
So I ask why she is looking
From her spot on the grass
And she tells me, "because
you have dirt on your ass."

Oh Christ, by this comment
I was truly hurt
Until, that is, I realized
I could see up her skirt.
So I tilted my head
For a last glance at her crotch
then told all my friends
so they could go watch.

And after the peeping
To the grill we did head
To cook up some animals
Once alive and now dead.
As the fat crackled
Like a choir in mass
I realized that today
I had skipped all my class.

But not to be bothered,
I feasted on meat
And sipped my cold beer
While a dog licked my feet.
"What else is Spring
Besides beer, broads, and fun?"
I asked myself
As I grilled up a bun.

I've suffered through snow
Through rain and through sleet
So I knew that this moment
Could never be beat.
I was one with the world
In my head, not a care
And I knew in an instant
That Spring was in the air.

For Jeanne and Jamie, my topless gymnastics companions. You are the embodiment of Spring.