Sometimes you have to remind yourself that it is silly to ask for a world where fucking is not on the table at some point in every single situation, every transaction, every encounter. Most of the time we can decide for ourselves whether or not to notice its presence, but sometimes when it appears to show its head in a place we'd rather not see it, we act as if fucking has no right to intrude upon some of the things we do.

That is when you must remind yourself: nothing came before fucking. Nothing that we've invented, that is"" no city, no scene, no type of human interaction existed before fucking. For a long time, near the beginning of our existence, fucking was the only thing that kept our species alive, and some people maintain that it is still the only thing that allows for our persistence to this day. No type of creature could spend so much time"" thousands upon thousands of years in our case"" where nothing that is done takes precedence over some eventual fucking, without having a serious amount of fucking-related residue built up along the edges of the collective unconscious. By and large, the type of people interested in a task as morbid and futile as an attempt to clean this residue off are also the type of people who have no idea where to look for it""this is not a coincidence. Things are tilted such that fucking cannot lose, no matter who opposes it.

Because of this, fucking is one of the strongest substances in all of the natural world. It is hard to break apart the molecules of carbon that make up a diamond, and it is very hard to stop two people with the mutual lust from fucking one another.

In Baton Rouge you will find, in an abandoned lot quite a ways outside the bustling center of the town, an older woman that looks in your face and, despite knowing better, quietly asks you to do the impossible.