I was sitting around the other day
Not knowing what do to
But then in my belly, I felt a swelly
And I began think of you.

How sad it is, these days it seems
that no one ever says thanks.
My toilet, my friend, my refuge till the end
My lovely bowl that stanks.

It is with great pride that I write to thee
And say these words so true.
For all the books that I've read, all the knowledge in my head
Was learned on top of you.

In this hectic world, where time flies past
Like speeding bullet trains.
I find solace and time on your lid so divine
In your bowl; tiger stripe stains.

You've civilized man, my porcelin friend.
But man is not likely to admit it.
He will say it was speaking or learning or reading,
But never where he shits.

Man is blind to the truth but I am different
than most, I must declare.
For I am but child, bewildered and wild
If you clog with feces or hair.

My heart is racing, my face is blushed
When you no longer agree to flush.
The water is rising so quick to the brim
All of my options now look very grim.
The plunger it seems is nowhere to be found
And slowly the water runs to the ground.
Thinking quick, I plunge in my hand
And remove the cursed, evil dam
And with a quick tug, the crisis averted
Over, it seems, as quick as it started.
You see, my toilet, you hold much power
With a clog of your pipes, the bravest will cower.

You may not be pretty like a rose or a diamond.
You may not have wings like a dove or a stork
But God only knows, and history shows
What happens when you fails to work

So next time you sit in the bathroom alone
Remember this poem and never forget.
Have not a doubt, you are nothing without
The can" the throne" the toilet.