The Industrial Revolution
By Timothy Branton
Mrs. Wheeler
9th grade history

The industrial revolution was a very important thing to happen in in america. To beginwith; the industrial revolution was not not like the american revoltion which happened when american said to England too get out of our country. But there was no bleeding in the industrial revolution and there was no guns. Actually, there were guns but they were not used for killing brittisch people because they were being industrialized (the guns, not the brittisch).

Anyways, the revolution started when a guy named Eli Whitney made gin. It was made out of cotten and all the black people liked it. In stead of ending slavery which really sucked for black people, it made it happen more because then more black people could make more cotten. I don't know how you make cotten out of gin, but eli knew how.

So everyone is drinking this cotten gin and some guy says "'Hey I can use this technologie to make other stuff better!!!' Soon everyone was using eli"s gin method to make better machines better at doing stuff. In no time we had replaceable parts in guns and cars and bikes and stuff and everyone was happy. Except the black people because they didt get any technologies because they were slaves.

Then came steam engines which are still used today at places. The steam engine which was made by some brittisch guy uses wood or cowl to make fires. Then the smoke from the fire makes some stuff move and you have a steam engine. Soon everyone was putting steam engines in things like water pumps; trains; buggies; trains; and trains. In those times, if you didt have a train everyone though you were a Gaylord. It"s kinda like not having a car now. And if you didt have a steam engine train you were and even bigger Gaylord.

Everything was changing in america. Poor immigrants could now afford to buy stuff on credit thanks to the steam engine and the gin. Plus, we had canals too so things could get moved around on water. People knew how to make boats fro hundreds of years befour the industrial revolution but nobody knew how to make a canal before Abraham Lincin dug the suez canal with a steam engine. That"s what made the suez canal feezible, the steam engine.

America soon became the best country in the world and has stayed that way ever sinse. Poor people from all over the world started coming to elis iland and some even got let in to New Haven where elis iland was even though they had fleas and other stuff. They were really happy to be in america because we had so many great inventions like the cotten gin and steam trains and water pumps. That"s why people came here. Plus they had bad potatos where they came from too.

With all these poor people and canals america went on to lead the world in moveable parts guns manufacturing. We made so many guns that we had enough to have a war with ourselves and use our guns. A lot of people died but the black people got set free and they have been happy ever sinse. And they got guns too and they still have them and if something on the gun breaks they can a get a replacement part in not ime.

The industrial revolution was a really good thing to happen in america because everyone is happy now. With out it; we wouldnt have xbox or easymac or tv or movies or guns or trains and it would suck to live here. But becuz of the revolution everyone wants to live here and we have to turn down a bunch of people becuz their terroriststs. It sux that we cant let everybody in but we cant let everybody know how steam engines work becuz then we wouldnt be the best anymore.

In closing, the industrial revulsion ment that we could make as many cars and canals as we wanted too and noone could stop us because we also had a lot of guns.

By Timothy Branton