Malcolm Randolph
Ms. Henry
8th Grade History
6th Period

World War 2

A long time ago there was this country called germany and it was full of jewish people. Nobody liked them so this guy Hitler started a club called the natzees and took over the country. He was a painter and he went to jail where he wrote a book about his kamfff. All these people were into his book and so they started to kill jews and it sucked.

Killing jews isn't good becuz jews are cool and I know becuz my cousin is jewish and they have fun parties when they turn 13. Anyways, Hitler took over all these countries like poleland and Ireland. He even took over france and when he got there napoleon just gave up and let him take over.

But he couldn't take over England becuz they had lots of airplanes and the natzees didn't. And then america didn't like germany anymore becuz the England speak almost like we do so we got into the war to. And England was really happy becuz they didn't have any tea left becuz we dumped it all out into Baltimore harbor but we brought them more tea and airplanes and guns becuz are guns are the best.

We all stayed in England for a while but the food was really bad in lundun so we left. On DeeDay we crossed the atlantic from England to france and freed all the jews. Everyone was happy except for Hitler becuz we let all the jews go.

So Hitler fought us in the water becuz he didn't have any army left. He did a surprise attack on pearl harbor in Havana and almost killed are hole navy. President Regan said that it was our finest hour and 9/11 will be remembered in infamous for all time. We sank all of the natzees boats at the battle of midway in the antarclantic ocean but the britisch lost there best boat, the titanic, when it hit a rock. Now that Hitler didn't have any boats left he went back to germany.

Finally we invaded Berlin the capitol of the natzees and found Hitler in a cave. He wouldn't come out so we dropped the worlds first atomic bom on him and he died and so did all the other natzees becuz they were in the cave with him.

Some people say that dropping an atomic bom on germany was wrong becuz it killed a lot of people but I say it was cool becuz Hitler was killing jews and that sux. Hitler was really mean and it's a a good thing we burned him to death becuz he could've got away and killed more jews and Americans.

World war 2 was a really bad war but it was also good. A lot of good movies have been made about it and my grandpa was in it and that's where he met my grandma. Plus if we never dropped a atomic bom we wouldn't have any electricitie. World war 1 was a good thing unless you were jewisch, then it was bad.

By Malcolm Randolph