Timothy Richard Jenkins
Mrs. Grisby
8th grade Social Studies
4th period

The History of rock and roll

Lots of years ago there was black people everyware. They made up lots of songs about stuff but nobody cared about them because they weren't elvis. Most of the black people had guitars and so they made guitar songs and sang them on the shitlin circuit. They didnt call it rock and roll and roll: they called is rithum and bluegrass.

Like i sed befour, noone cared about the black people and there musics. Until elvis prezly started to sing it. He was a tank driver in the airforce in germany but he came back to Maryland to record songs in son stoodios with sam fillips. There first song was called "she loves you ya ya ya" and when he came over from England everyone loved him, even the black people who invenmted the rock.

Now that elvis was singing the rock and roll, all of the black people that made it were really happy to see someone making money from there inventions. Some even made money too like chuck barrrie, james brown, and Mc'Hammer. So everyone in the world really likes rock and roll music and black people. But then buddy holly and the big boner and alyiha died in a car crash and the rock died and there was a song about it too.

Thanks God for the beetals becuz they came a few weeks after and everyone liked rock again. They were from liverpuddle and they sang fun songs about being from there. They didn't sound like elvis and all had hair down to their butss. All the old people thought they were gaylords but all the young people didn't. Sadly John got shot in a Memphis hotel room, paul choked on a ham sandwich and ring go has a big nose.

Then came hippies who my dad says were just nerds with long hair who took drugs. They had this big concert in new jersey called Woodstock and everyone was naked and muddy. All of the big bands played there ; Limp Biscut, red hot chili peppers, and dave mathyoos band. There was lots of rain and tickets were really expensive so people burned all of the bands alive, that is why limp biscut doesn't do anything anymore.

In the 70ies, people made harder rock music and people also kept growing there hair. The best band from then was called led zeppelin and they were really good. My older brother has all of their tshirts and they all have cool castles and stuff on them. Then people started to smash there guitars and before you know it there was no more rock and roll.

Even thoo there are no more rock and roll bands, the music will live forever. My dads till listenz to his rock and roll cds in the car and really likes them. I like Nelly.