Certain things we know are impossible: flying under your own power, drinking a gallon of milk in under an hour, and looking at me naked without laughing (trust me, I have done many tests with many women). Recently, I took stock of all the things I thought would be impossible for me to do. I found a lot: touching my toes with my knees straight, doing homework before midnight and sleeping comfortably without the aid of NyQuil. Obviously, I could never do any of these things. But then I thought of something I may be able to do; attend an entire semester's worth of class.

At first the idea seemed foolish. "Never skip a class?" I guffawed, "It will be a cold day in Hades when I attend all my classes." But the more I thought about it and the less I talked like a medieval monarch, the more the idea started to make sense. I mean, my parents are paying for me to go to class and maybe, for the first time in years, I should learn their money's worth?

So, the challenge has been set. I will do my best to attend every one of my classes this semester. If I succeed at this task, I will reward myself by skipping all of my finals. Actually, that may not be the best idea, but I will definitely have ice cream or something.

Now, the rules of this challenge are simple. I go to every class unless I have either a serious reason to miss one or I die. I define a "serious reason" as something that is more important than a college education. I know that is a liberal definition but ski trips happen oh so rarely. Basically, the challenge I have set for myself is to not miss class because I slept through it, wanted to watch TV or decided to drink instead.

I know what you're thinking, "Streeter, why have you chosen such a nerdy challenge for yourself?" Well, for the past three years I have been attending roughly %75 of my classes; a respectable record. My GPA hovers somewhere around a 3.0 and my teachers have all seemed to like me a little bit. All in all, I have a pretty average college student record on my hands. I will not graduate early, I will not be on the Dean's List and I will not get any Latin after my name on my diploma" I need something to set me apart from all my fellow students. They may boast a 4.0, an acceptance letter to Yale Law and a stunning, blonde girlfriend. But I can stand there stoically and say, "Yes, that's all very well and good, but I went to all my classes this semester" what do you have to say now?" Then I slap them with my glove, pull myself onto my horse and ride off into the morning fog. How thrilling it will be.

It may seem pretty easy to go to all your classes. Hell, some of you may even do this regularly. But for me this is big. To haul myself out of bed and make it on time to my 11:30 has become increasingly difficult with each passing year. At first, I would struggle to make it there shaved and showered. Then I skipped the shave. Then I skipped the shower. Then I just skipped altogether; my dreams being more important than the real world (is Keira Knightley going to rub my back in real life? I think not). As you can see, this is going to be very difficult for me.

So, wish me luck on completing this task. I do not know if I will be able to accomplish such an amazing feat, but I will certainly try. So far, I'm going strong at two weeks. I will keep you updated as to my progress and will be honest if I fail. Now, it is late and Keira has the oil ready" I have to get to bed.