Hampton Sinclair
Mrs. Tettleby
5th grade history

How The west was one.

A bunch of years ago, nobody lived in the west. There were only Indians there and they were mean. Sometimes when a white person would go by they would shoot him and kill him. The Indians were very smart and used every part of the white person – they made teepees with their skin; they made rope from their hair; and they built casinos with their money.

The President of america got really mad at the Indians and said that they had to stop eating all the white people. The Indians wouldn't stop so america sent all these soldiers there. They had this big battle at little Gettysburg and all the soldiers died. The last man to die was called general custard and he had a HUGE mustache. That only made america more madder so they killed all the buffalo which was the Indians maine food after white people. With all the Indians dead, white people were free to go out west in safety.

Then someone told someone about how he found gold in California. Then that guy told a bunch of his friends and befour you knew it, everyone was going to California to look for gold. They all wore funny hats and didn't have a lot of teeth but they really liked gold. There wernt any women which was kind of gay but they got their soon too.

It was along trip from the east to the west. They didn't have cars or boats back then so people had to take horses. There was one group of people who got lost in the mountains when it was snowing – they were called the donners party even though getting dead in a mountain is no party at all. They would have all died except that they knew from the Indians that eating white people is good so they all ate eachother and they all lived.

Things is California were really bad for a long time. People used to shoot eachother for playing cards bad and all the "'salons' had swining doors so lots of bugs would come in. but then this guy named samuel colt 45 invented this gun that you could kill 6 bad people at once instead of just one. Once that was around, john wanye killed almost all the bad guys there real quick.

Then they had a bunch of cowboys who all came from texas which is right next door to California. They liked cows a lot and used to burn their names into them. They also had big hats and killed Indians. The best thing about cowboys is that they could do tricks on their horses. I saw a movie where one of them was riding his upsidedown which was neat.

Plus, now they had trains which was a lot better than horses because they don't have to drink water. The trains made stuff a lot faster and they were a lot of fun. I took a train to new york one time with my dad and it was real cool. The guy came and punched a hole in my ticket.

Now with all the man eating Indians gone, all the bad guys dead and lots of women, people started to make houses in California. That was bad idea becuz they have earthquakes all the time and their houses would fall down. But they rode horses all the way there and didn't want to go back so the would just build their houses again every year. Nowadays California is a lot of fun. There is a place called Disneyland which is like Disneyworld but not as good and there are a lot of cool waves to go in. I didn't see any gold when I went there but that must have been cuz all the goldminers hid it from me.

The west was won by lots of people but the goverment owns it now. It used to be real bad and had no women but now it is good and isn't so gay.

By Hampton Sinclair