On November 2nd, America will vote for a new president. On November 3rd, Bush will challenge the results of the election and we will be without a new president for about a week. Sometime around November 10th, the Supreme Court will announce that they have given the election to Bush after serious "investigation" (payoffs). And we will, once again, bend over and take it without putting up too much of a fight.

Shortly after the election, or "Grand Appointment of the High King Bush," America will begin to take a different face. Finally realizing that the left has a valid point in saying that, "if you are going to topple one corrupt regime, you must topple them all" King Bush will invade 86 countries simultaneously. Those countries on the "priority list" will be handled first with England and Canada falling in 2005, Russia and Japan in 2006, and China and India in 2007. Finding the Middle East hard to subdue, Bush will have the entire region nuked in 2009 (after the oil has been extracted).

However, all of this fighting is leaving the American army vastly overextended. Seeing this, His Holiness King Bush will institute the "Y'all Draft" in late 2008. Since congress was abolished in 2006, the bill passes unchallenged and is signed into law by King Bush and Prince Cheney, whose brain was removed when his body passed on in 2005 and sits suspended in elctro-embryotic fluid beneath the Grand Palace of the Willing (formerly the Capitol building). The "Y'all Draft" forces every man and boy into military service for a minimum of 28 years with the option of continued service or death upon completion of the conscription term. King Bush realizes that some must be spared for breeding purposes and forms the "Red, White and Bush" brigade in 2010. Made up of intensely religious southerners, the brigade spends all of its time traveling the country and breeding with "fit" women (not Black, Hispanic, Catholic, or Jewish). King Bush himself bravely leads the brigade across the America, or, as it is called in 2012, "Bushland."

However, King Bush is so much more than a war King, he does many important things on the home front as well. Bush the Mighty will have all inner city slums bulldozed in 2019 to make room for His Highness' Royal Hunting Grounds. The former residents of those aforementioned slums will be the game. King Bush will famously bag the illusive Dr. Dre on a hunting excursion to Compton. It will be a day of celebration for all as Dre's head is ceremoniously hung atop the gates of Washington Palace (formerly the White House).

King Bush will also help to redraft the out-of-date constitution. Working with Rumsfeld the Furious, King Bush will eliminate such unnecessary points as freedom of speech, the right to a fair trial, freedom of religion, and amendments involving women's rights, slavery, and voting. Upon completion of "Project New America," citizens no longer have to worry about their opinion. In fact, they had better not worry about their opinion because if the Dark Knights (formerly the FBI) find out that you have an opinion differing from that of King Bush, you will be impaled on the Royal Execution grounds (formerly The Mall in Washington, DC).

To reduce the threat of terrorist, King Bush will sign the "I See You Act" in 2014. This act will give the Silent Assassins (formerly the CIA) the right to observe every single thing you do and record it. After a trial period, King Bush amends the act to allow agents of the Silent Assassins to record not only your movements and activities, but your thoughts as well. Thousands are executed for "thoughts against the King or His Holy policy." Some of the disposed "mind terrorists": Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Derek Jeter, Kirsten Dunst and The Pope.

On top of all these accomplishments King Bush will draft the "Bright White Future" act in 2020. This act makes it illegal to be Black, Hispanic or Asian. Millions of these "undesirables" will find themselves loaded onto boats only to be torpedoed in the ocean by the Floating Army of Destruction (formerly the US Navy). Literally hundreds of WASPy, rich people hail the act for freeing them from "hearing that awful rappity hip hop on the radio when we drive to church in our SUVs."

As you can see, the future is bright and white! We will all live in glorious harmony under the iron fist of King Bush and Prince Cheney. Let un-freedom ring!

(Paid for by the committee to elect John Kerry and John Edwards)