The Soundtrack to Postgraduate Unemployment - Image 1

As yet another friend back at school asked what graduating is like, the idea dawned upon me to capture the sounds of this fascinating postgrad summer in the form of a 14-track album! I can't currently fund the recording and production myself for these songs I'd like to write (see: first sentence), but you can!
The clear voice-of-a-generation-like potential is obvious from the following rough outline of the album, which I assume will open your wallets so hard they'll pull a… something wallets have.

1. Interviewin'

This upbeat, pop-y opener is about fresh-faced optimism and also how a bachelor's degree doesn't necessarily qualify you to take someone's phone messages.

2. I Never Learned To Feed Myself feat. Pasta, Mostly

This upbeat, pop-y second track is about fresh-faced optimism about the nutritional value in Pop-Tarts and beer.

3. Moving Back Home

I feel like this is far enough along to get a little personal.

Sample Lyric: Maybe I'd mope less if I didn't have to live / On the couch / On the couch / On the couch / Shut up, Mom

4. Entry Level Unpaid

Sample Lyric: 3+ yrs. / Exp. / Req. (Like techno-y? Something that'd communicate the repetitive, infuriating nature of this phrase, and also techno.)

5. How Do You Meet People Now feat. All Of My Exes (Remix)

I envision this as a "Mambo No. 5" for the generation that isn't afraid to admit desperation. Eventually someone will find it endearing.

6. Reality Check

I wanted to write something fierce and emotional about the time I rode the bus home from blowing an interview, a man sneezed on me several times and I thought about how at least I don't have kids. It'll be rap, probably.

Tracks 7-14

would be, like, I'd just read my unreturned drunk texts to exes out loud, set to acoustic guitar with the important bits echoed by sexy backup singers. Or maybe set to like a bass. That'd be cool.

Sample Lyric: you get home ok / hey what are you up to / (what are you up to) / still up? lol / can't fall asleep, super bored / (what are you up to) / want to hang out? / can't be my place, my mom's been such a Nazi / (such a Nazi, Nazi) / this thing on? lol / hey have you wanna see a movie? (etc.)


The Resounding Sound Of My Own InsignificanceSample Lyric: (Person crying)

If you'd like to donate to my project (and I assume you do!), please find a way to give me the money so that my parents see.