As all of you know, Allie C is the winner of CollegeHumor's hottest girl contest. What you don't know, is that Allie C is down to earth, funny and has a silky smooth southern accent. When the big dog himself Mr. Streeter Seidell (read: normal guy) asked me to do the interview with Allie I was hesitant. But then Street held me down and tickled me until I agreed to do it. And man am I glad he did! Here's how my interview with contest winner, Allie C, went:

Jake: Of the three things you won: The trip to New York City, the 1000 dollar shopping spree at Le Tigre and the modeling gig, which are you most excited about?

Allie: I'm excited about everything, but definitely the chance to get in front of a camera.

Jake: Ok so Zoolander had Blue Steel, do you have a signature look?

Allie: I don't think I really have a signature look" I really like getting wet, like if they put me in a pool. Some, like, sex kitten comes out in me, I'm not really sure what it is. I'm not really sure if that's a look but yeah, I enjoy getting wet. (Laughs)

Jake:(After 5 minutes of hyperventilating) Do you have a favorite writer on college humor?

Allie: umm not really, I kind of joke around and check everything out.

Jake: Ok, so I'm just gonna write down "me".

Allie: (Laughs) Yeah put that, it's you.

Jake: Everyone is gonna want to know, what do you look for in a guy?

Allie: I'm a sucker for a smile, someone that can laugh and have a good time. A good personality, I'm an old school girl, I like to have my door opened.

Jake: What's the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?

Allie: I like things that are simple, a daisy picked off the side of the road is better to me than a dozen roses. Actually, I can think of the most romantic date I've been on, I went fly fishing in the Smokey Mountains for, like, six hours. And I love to fish, but I'd never been fly fishing. He did the whole stand behind you and show you how to flick your rod. Ya know, no pun intended. (Laughs) Oh man.

Jake: (More hyperventilating) What's the least romantic thing a guy has ever done to you?

Allie: I got asked out on a date to a Copper concert. He met me at the door, he paid my way in, he bought me 3 or 4 shots of tequila, as soon as Copper walked out onto the stage, he disappeared.

Jake: Rough" Have you ever been in a fight?

Allie: I was at another show and my friend and I went up to the bathroom to smoke a bowl. Well I sat down to use the restroom and someone starts banging on the door, all of the sudden the guy kicked open the door, the lock broke off, wood flew everywhere, just about hit my friend and I'm sittin' on the toilet drop-trou like, what the fuck just happened? My friend went out in front of me and got in his face, but I just pushed him out of the way and went to town on this cat, I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him down to my face and asked him who the fuck he thinks he is. By the end of the conversation he's looking at the ground completely upset. I was definitely riled up, I was rowdy that night.

Jake: That's pretty bad-ass.

Allie: Well, I mean, I don't mean for it to be bad-ass, I'm just not cool with having my underwear around my ankles and having the door fly open. It would have been one thing if we were having sex but we were just trying to smoke a bowl, man. Ya know? Come on.

Jake: Do you have any gross habits I should know about?

Allie: Oh, yes. (Laughs) I smell things. Let me try and explain to you what I mean by that. Like, "'Oh my shoes stink, smell these' and I'll put "'em in my friend's face. It's so strange, I smell the weirdest things, and I just have to smell "'em. (Laughs) That's weird right?

Jake: (I laugh) Yes, that is weird. Are you single?

Allie: (Pause)" Not at the moment"

Jake: Oh. That's going to disappoint a lot of people out there.

Allie: Ahh, I know! I've been dating this guy off and on for about 8 months, I'm trying to straighten him out right now.

Do you want to be my girlfriend?

My last question ended up not being so relevant. So I let Allie go. All in all it was a cool experience though, Allie got to show all our loyal readers at collegehumor her true colors and I found my future bride" Allie said I could call her if I had any more questions or if I needed clarification on anything. I wonder if that includes drunk dials at 2:00 AM asking her if she's naked" I guess we'll see"