Sexiling your roommate works seventy five percent of the time, but when he/she gets pissed about sleeping on the futon next door for the fifth time this week, don't get angry – think of it as an opportunity to get busted for something other than underage drinking. Sex, like real estate, is all about location, location, location.

Janitor's Closet (Where You'll Get Swept Off Your Feet)
*Pro: Paper towels are readily available.
*Con: Nothing but pain can come from a threesome with a mop.

Bathroom (Where the Sink Isn't the Only Thing That Sprays)
*Pro: No need to clean up your own mess.
*Con: Difficult to give head while also holding your nose.
*Pro: More space to work with than a stall.
*Con: You're not going to be the only one screaming""the twelve people in line outside the door will also be shouting your names, along with "get the fuck out!"

Someone Else's Bedroom (All the Comfort of Someone Else's Home)
*Pro: It's just doing it in your own bed without having to wash the sheets.
*Con: It's someone else's bedroom.

Car (Talk About a Stick Shift)
*Pro: Heating, air conditioning and surround sound, what more could you ask for?
*Con: The cramped quarters increase the risk of putting your foot through the windshield while you're putting out.

Library (Hit It On the Books)
*Pro: You can multi-task. It's a study break without the break.
*Con: Six inch voices leave little room for sounds of pleasure.

Football Field (Do Some Tackling of Your Own)
*Pro: You can say you really scored.
*Con: Sucks when your ass is grassed.

Asia (Size Does Matter)
Ok, unless you attend the University of New Delhi, this one's rather impossible. But wouldn't it rock to bang cock in Bangkok?

Back Row of Your Bio Lecture (Do A Little Experimenting of Your Own)
*Pro: Literally a "hands on" experience.
*Con: If your act of passion occurs during the chapter over reproduction it could be rather difficult to keep the STD slides from scaring you.

Your College's Signature Landmark (The Tour Guide Makes Three)
*Pro: Every time you see it, you think back to that magical night.
*Con: Every time you see it, you think back to that miserable night.

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