Moving to another state used to be a nightmare; finding the perfect apartment, furnishing it with perfect furniture and landing that perfect job seemed almost if not completely impossible. That was until God (or Santa if you are a non believer) brought us Now, not only can you find a place to live, a job, and some really great free crap, but you can do it all from the comfort of your toilet!!! Thank you, Craig!

Because I will be moving out of my parent's house in the near future (great for my social life, bad for my bills/laundry/meals/bills/bills), I have spent a good portion of the last six jobless months of my life scouring the internet for cheap Gucci bags and a new place to live (stopping every now and then for a viewing of the always favorite, "Gonads and Strife"). Upon my travels I stumbled across and haven't left since. This site has it all, and I mean ALL. You can search nearly every big city (even Detroit is on there!) for places to live, jobs, furniture, tickets, used instruments, used cars, and even used men and women. It is a one stop shopping site; think Wal-Mart meets

But as I sit in my bed enjoying the perks of apartment hunting in my underwear, I question the people who post their personal ads on the same site someone else posts their broken college blender. Do they value themselves so low that they don't mind being posted next to a "new 10 bolt GM rear end"? Or are they hoping some lonely college grad who is looking for a cheap new apartment will also be looking for a sugar daddy and why not post a profile on the same site so that young lady doesn't have to look around and rather stumble right onto the perfect man? I found myself intrigued so I took a break from my work and checked out the human goods Mr. Craig has to offer. The following are just a few of the can't-be-missed men and women I found on Craigslist.

Any Women into Masturbation with a Guy Tonight?
I'm looking for a woman who wants to watch some tv, have a heavy petting session, maybe masturbate each other…or watch each other… I'm getting out of work, and looking to have some fun tonight. I am 6', 165 lbs and cute. Here is me, I have nothing to hide…do you have a picture to share, because I would prefer it! This can be a quick session, or we can take our time! (Picture of man's pelvis area included.)

Are You Single and Pregnant?
I love the look and feel of a pregnant woman's body. The tight growing belly, the swelling breasts, the expanding backside, and most of all the glow she carries. If you are pregnant and single(or just not getting what you need) let me be there for you. Backrubs, footrubs, full massages or whatever you'd like. I'm a professional, SWM, 34 all you need to be is pregnant. If interested drop me a line, belly pix appreciated.

I Love White Men With Hot Bodies!!!
I am a African American 22 yr old female looking for a good looking white man for some NSA fun. I love white men. They turn me on. I'm looking for an Irish or Italian white guy from Manhattan or Brooklyn. Blond hair would be cool. Must have a great body and a HEAD FULL OF HAIR! Colored eyes also is a plus I just wanna come over kiss and fuck. Please have good smelling breath. Please great hygiene as well. I love to drink and have wild sex maybe we can spend New Years together. Do you take EXTASY ???? No coke head's. They are too jumpy! LOL Please be the age's 25-30. Please have a picture to send as I will send one too. Please be open minded and ready to have fun. We can set something up for next week or so.

So, these are the people using Craigslist for dating. Interesting. It seems that these postings are merely a testament to the fact that this site has a little something for everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE). Now it is time for me to get back to looking for a couch" I have to have somewhere to sit while petting and masturbating with my new Craigslist boyfriend.