So by now it has spread to every college campus, you know what I am talking about; these kids called "'emo'. Emo is short for emotional and emotional is exactly what they are. These emo kids, it is believed, are an evolution from what was once considered the "'punk' kids; they turned off the Blink 182 that sang about bent dicks, sex with grandparents and puking in your friend's bathroom and started a revolution.

The close up, off centered, depressed faced picture – Most people will see this and say ummmmm" douchbag and daddy issues. I say genius. What way to better show your true soul, all your emotions, in a millisecond of time other then from a little up and to the left. No eye contact though, makes you vulnerable. You're always so damn vulnerable and never understood. I know. I know. I understand though, and I am here to help others understand as well. Soon people will know how to look through the gaping hole in your ear and straight to your heart.

The fashion known as emo – This is a large step in the emo movement, turning it from an attitude to a way of life. Not only do they sport many bad ass T's and crazy accessories, they are making great strides towards equality. The more feminine a guy looks the better. Tuck in your sack boys and throw on some girl jeans. Girls, chop and spike the hair and be done with all that making yourself up crap. Pretty soon we won't know who is who. We will no longer have sexist terms like female and male, which imply social standards. Everyone knows that social standards are bullshit. The human of tomorrow will solely be known as emo.

Exaggerated feelings – Let people know what it's like to feel as if your ex-girlfriend just slit your wrists and, even after that, you still love her so much. A simple phrase like "'a broken heart' does not explain how you feel. Those phrases worked for our parents, but we're a different generation, damn it, with more emotions. I know it feels like she just removed your heart with her pretty bare hands and continued on to eat it in front of you, so say it. You don't have a broken heart, you have an eaten heart. You loved her so much for the past two weeks too. Unfortunately she had to deal with some emotional issues in her life, or should we say emo issues.

Look like a rehabilitating drug user, but really be "'straight edge' – I had never heard the term straight edge until I ventured out into the world of emo.
Me: That guy definitely looks like a major druggie. He is crazy skinny and those bags under his eyes are not normal.
Emo: No, he is totally straight edge. It's his emotions that do it to him, it is so beautiful.

This is again where most would say fucking weirdo. Not I. This guy has some major issues in his life. His father probably wants him to cut his hair. Fuck that. Be who you are damn it, make a statement. Go ahead and get that bleeding heart wrapped in barbed wire tattoo on your forearm; your future boss, wife, kids, grandkids, strangers, they will all know you stood for something great. That brings me to my final point.

What they stand for – Hell if I know. I've heard people try and compare them to the hippies. That's not it; we all knew what the hippies stood for. The hippies stood for drugs, and that was cool. These emo kids though are something different. We all know they are really emotional, but about exactly what, we can never put our finger on. I think it is best to look at it like God. We will never fully understand Him, our minds are just not able to wrap around the whole concept. This is how it is also with the emo kids. What they are staging we may never know till it has happened, but I bet it will blow our minds.