This was probably the single worst idea I have had in my entire college career so far, and it only took one beer for me to come up with it.

Step 1: Pour a shot of Captain Morgan (the original flavor).

Step 2: Open a can of light beer.

Step 3: Pour the beer into a completely stereotypical Solo cup.

Step 4: Get everyone's attention. Hold up your shotglass and your Solo cup. You are so cool.
Step 5: Yell "man overboard!" Chuck your shotglass of Cap'nMoe into your beer.
Step 6: Chug that shit, you pussy.

Repeat as necessary…but be warned. You can only walk the plank so many times, matey.

That shit annihilated me. I now hate Captain Morgan and the people who brew such filth. I wish Leukemia upon their pets.

At least it tasted sort of like cream soda.