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Can you imagine how crazy it would be if Urkel ran for president? I mean come on! A black president!

My brain's wingman is my penis. My penis will be like, "yo, lets see what she's got goin on" and my brain is like, "are you serious…look at that girl, you're unbeleivable." ~ submitted by Tom Sunnegren
training wheels (noun) – Friends to put your arms around for balance when you are too drunk to walk.
There Are Such Things As Stupid Questions
– Why do they call it Long Island?- So social security cards are for social security, and identification cards are for identification, but what are playing cards for?- What does the D stand for in Franklin Delano Roosevelt?
The Nickelodeon Betting Line – week of 4/13 – 4/20
- Purple Parrots over the Silver Snakes by 1/2 a medallion- 9:2 Mexico on the Agrocrag by seven seconds.- 2:1 The Slime Slingers by a physical challenge and a half over the Gak Guzzlers in a sloppy one.- Pinsky (5/18) v. Budnick (10/29)- Proposition Bet – 15:1 Mom is on a Pie Coaster twice this week. 45:1 thrice this week
Old Man Or Disillusioned Blogger?