Besides crippling social anxiety and trying to "'keep things together' with their high school sweethearts, every freshman guy has one thing in common: they love getting drunk. Many experienced upperclassmen let their evenings out be ruined by these roving bands of intoxicated freshmen. "Look at these idiots," you say, "They can't hold their booze at all. They totally ruined this bar." Shame on you. As an experienced college student you should know that every negative has a positive and that positive is usually a drinking game. So next time you're at your favorite bar and a herd of freshmen dudes come tramping through the door, filling the juke box with their TRL favorites and ordering shot after shot of Jager, don't get mad, just play Drunk Freshman: The Drinking Game!

Drink for the allotted amount of time whenever you spot a freshman guy"

Getting shut down after hitting on an upperclassman3 seconds
Telling a story about how awesome high school was2 seconds
Trying to cut the bathroom line4 seconds
Trying to convince a bouncer his fake ID is real3 seconds
Staring at older girls dancing with each other5 seconds
Talking about how bad the food is8 seconds
Calling his girlfriend at another school10 seconds
Screaming an Old School/Chapelle's Show quote2 seconds
Complaining about his roommate3 seconds
Spilling a drink on himself or someone else4 seconds
Deep in a conversation about his philosophy class10 seconds
Throwing up in his mouth5 seconds
Throwing up on the floor15 seconds
Talking about how he "'never pukes, seriously'12 seconds
Realizing that he is about ten seconds away from vomiting20 seconds.
Wearing a school hoodie3 seconds
Sloppily making out with a fugly hag after 2 AM5 seconds
Trying to lift an object, break an object, move an object or otherwise display his beer muscles9 seconds
Stealing a banner, neon sign or anything else with an alcohol logo on it20 seconds
Getting the girl he's been hitting on stolen by an upperclassman10 seconds
Wearing an "'outfit' instead of whatever clothes were lying around8 seconds
Talking about how many classes he skips11 seconds
Playing an air instrument such as guitar or drums5 seconds
Grinding with his guy friends "'as a joke'2 seconds
Grinding with his guy friends25 seconds
Lighting a cigarette backwards30 seconds
Getting cut off by the bartender10 seconds
Bragging about how late he stayed up on Tuesday2 seconds
Recounting exactly how many beers, shots and drinks he has had so far tonight10 seconds
Leaving by himself, drunk, depressed and homesick1 second

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